Crispy Millionaire Shortbread Bars with Creamy Caramel
"I’m tired of choosing between two lovers. We may just need both: Rice Krispies and millionaire bars. These have a short bread crust, a smooth and chewy caramel filling, and a crispy chocolate topping. They’re make-ahead and will totally serve a crew. Find the recipe new on my site today at the link in my profile. #f52layers"
-- @katie_clova
A Note from Feedfeed

How could you go wrong with all these layers!? Let's start with the shortbread; it's simple but full or butter and oh-so-flaky.  Next up is a decadent layer of creamy caramel that leans on a can of sweetened condensed milk to keep things simple. Last but not least, the chocolate rice cereal layer which bring some serious crunch!