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Kate Hackworthy
Somerset, UK
A veg-obsessed food writer, baker of kale cupcakes and magazine columnist

Lemon and White Chocolate Tart

My Recipes
Apple And Kale Cake
My apple tree is laden with apples. Now I just need some leafy greens and I can make my Kale and Apple Cake with Apple Icing. I know, it sounds crazy. But you can't taste the kale and it makes it so green!!
Roasted Radish And Asparagus Tart With Kale Pesto And Pumpkin Seeds
Roasted radish and asparagus tart with pumpkin seed and kale pesto. This brightly-coloured veg tart is livened up with a punchy quick pesto. I’ve used shop-bought pastry to make it a quick mid-week dinner. Ffirst appeared in my monthly magazine column about reducing food waste. If you have radish greens, you can use them for the pesto instead of kale.
Spinach And Cauliflower Pakoras
These aromatic cauliflower and spinach pakoras combine fragrant garam masala and earthy turmeric with gram (chickpea) flour to create fritters with the vegetables. The traditional Indian snacks are normally deep fried, but these ones are baked, so they are a healthier version. Also vegan and glutenfree.
Floral Chamomile Cake With Salted Honey Buttercream
Chamomile cake with salted honey buttercream. This delicately fragrant chamomile cake is infused with whole chamomile buds to give it an aromatic, summery taste. Gently floral, it’s complimented by the salted honey buttercream.
Chocolate And Cauliflower Popsicles With Pistachio Dust
Brace yourselves... Cauliflower and chocolate popsicles with pistachio dust! Yeah, you read that right: cauliflower! No cream, no milk, not even an avocado. This creamy frozen treat is… pureed cauliflower. Cauliflower makes a nice, fairly neutral base and it’s flavour pairs well with cinnamon and chocolate. So here I’ve turned it into a sweet chocolate popsicle with a hint of coffee and cinnamon to overpower any cauli taste, plus a hard chocolate shell sprinkled with pistachio dust. Use milk, dark or vegan chocolate if you wish. Try it, I dare you!
Apple Parsnip Cupcakes With Apple Cider Frosting
Apple and Parsnip Cupcakes with Boozy Apple Cider Icing. These delicately spiced apple parsnip cupcakes are packed full of fruit and vegetables! The tart apples and earthy parsnips pair well against the sweet sponge cake, spiced up with cinnamon. I’ve topped them with a boozy apple cider frosting that's sweet, tangy and has a cheeky hint of alcohol.
Turmeric Mango Lassi
Anyone fancy a turmeric mango lassi with candied black pepper almonds A little something fruity on a windy cold night.
Swiss Chard Dark Chocolate Torte
Swiss Chard Dark Chocolate Torte. This sinfully rich dark chocolate torte’s velvety interior holds great handfuls of colourful Swiss chard leaves, but all that leafy goodness can’t actually be tasted. A little goes a long way in this decadent cake so be sure to share. ????
Parsnip, Maple And Nutmeg Greek Yogurt Cake With Sweet Potato And Ginger…
This evening a roaring fire, pyjamas, cosy socks and a film beckon. I'm dreaming of this perfectly autumnal cake, but feeling too lazy to bake it again. Perfect after a day stomping through crispy leaves: Parsnip, Maple and Nutmeg Cake with Sweet Potato and Ginger Icing.