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Neapolitan Nice Cream Cake

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Pear Donuts With Blueberry Glaze
I did it again! 🙈 I baked more pear donuts with blueberry glaze. This time I posted the recipe on the blog for anyone who just like me also eats donuts in summer. Link in profile! // Больше пончиков ягодных и фруктовых! Если в тесто добавить груш, а в глазурь - голубику, то десерт получится по-летнему полезным, правда? 😄 #inthekitchen #onthetable #feedfeed #f52grams #yahoofood #eeeeeats #sweeeeets #buzzfeast #baking #donuts #doughnuts #blueberry #pear #bakeddonuts
Happy Monday! Pre-Thanksgiving meal prep complete ✅ On this week’s menu: maple roasted Brussels sprouts (remember that giant Brussels stalk from my fridge post?), cumin sautéed red peppers 🔥, seared salmon 🐟, baked romanesco cauliflower, roasted and puréed butternut squash (my favorite!), garlicky green beans, yellow beet wedges and sweet potatoes, plus a whole lot of crispy kale chips for snacking! 🌱
What keeps me going today 🔥🙌 Baby kale and baby spinach, fresh little kumatos, crunchy radishes, garlicky broccolini and zucchini from the weekend’s meal prep, pan-seared tofu, squash and cauliflower purée, and pepitas! 👌 Been at my desk working on upcoming YouTube videos most of the day today, and now I’m finally getting out and running to meet Ben for our gym routine followed by a Tuesday night hour-long group meditation 🙌 Can’t wait! Hope everyone is having a fantastic evening 😘
Positivity in a bowl 💃 I can be very moody, and especially during colder months I find it harder to stay positive and productive when it’s so dark and rainy, and all kinds of sad thoughts start creeping into my head. What really helps is having a plan — it is as simple as it sounds. If I know what I’m doing today I don’t have time for doubts and changes of direction. That’s why I’m best friends with my weekly planner (yes, I’m a pen and paper person!), I make lists, set reminders, and prep ingredients for healthy lunches ahead. This bowl literally took me 5 minutes to assemble today thanks to this weekend’s meal prep! I got my usual bed of baby kale and spinach, topped with roasted squash, beets, sweet potatoes, fresh radishes, cucumber, purple cabbage, avocado and everything but the bagel seasoning 🙌 Happy (warm and positive!) Tuesday, everybody! 💯
Happy Sunday, friends! I’m spending this rainy NYC day at home, letting my body and mind recover while also organizing and reenergizing for the week ahead. 👉 Prepping food for quick and healthy lunches is an ESSENTIAL tactic for setting up a productive week ahead. Here I got roasted sweet potatoes, a whole head of roasted garlic, shredded fresh purple cabbage, sautéed garlicky chard, roasted sage squash, crunchy radishes and fatty avocados. 🥑
Fragrant farmers market mornings 💛🌱 Happy November, guys! Made a quick stop at Union Square this gloomy and cold am to pick up my favorite fruit of the season - QUINCE - not only it’s delicious, it also doubles as a “live candle”: it smells amazing and when stored on a counter, a shelf or a sunny windowsill at home, it fills your room with the most delicate and magical fragrance!
Roasted veggie rainbow! 🍂🍁🙌 Bed of baby kale and baby spinach topped with curry spiced Idaho homegrown beets and carrots (thanks @karenrobinsonart ❤️) with crumbled goat cheese, scallions, garlic Brussels sprouts, and avocado with rice seasoning! Including more warmth with roasted veggies and spices to help myself adjust to colder and shorter days this week. Happy Monday 😘
Happy Monday! Meal prep ✅ Work mode 🔛🔥 I got cauliflower and chickpea curry with shrimp, honeynut squash and cauliflower soup, turmeric dal, sweet potatoes with chickpeas, goat cheese, and bacon, and carnival squash and beet salad 🍁🍂🥙 If you want to see how I made these meals, click on the link in my bio for the meal prep video! 👌 Now I’m going to use that extra time and mental energy saved on making daily food decisions towards all the biz goals this week!