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Grandma knocked on my door: are you ready? I called it a day a few hours earlier than usual to knead some sweet dough for cenci, typical Carnival treats. We rolled it paper thin and fried these ‘rags’ until light and blistered, then showered with sugar. Then we sat and had a few cenci. It is a family tradition I don’t want to miss, not for the cenci, but the chats and the moments spent together. #myseasonaltable
Driving to @canto_del_maggio with the chocolate and clementine smell of this cake lingering in the air for a weekend of chocolate experience and talks with friends. This is my favourite chocolate cake, humble, with a moist crumb for the use of olive oil and almond flour. Year after year I make it and love it even more. If you want to fall in love with it, too, get the recipe on the blog, search for olive oil and clementine chocolate cake. Have a sweet weekend everyone! 🍊 #myseasonaltable
Bread and milk, two basic and soothing ingredients on its own. Then add a touch of vanilla, the moisture of apples, the richness of raisins and dried figs, the deep flavour of prunes. Imagine the comfort of simmering the milk in a saucepan with an open vanilla pod. That smell will permeate your kitchen and welcome you in the morning for breakfast. I was searching for a celebratory cake, and I ended up with this humble bread and apple pudding cake. It completely suits the soul of Juls’ Kitchen. Today on the blog you find this recipe, some celebrations for 9 years of blogging, for the first birthday of our company and a Goodbye January to browse through everything we’ve done in the past month. It took me a week to write it and a whole day to translate it, these are the moments when I wonder why I decided to have a bilingual blog! 🤔 Find the link in bio and join the celebrations! 🥂🍾
Regalarmi qualche ora per approfondire quello che più mi incuriosisce lo vedo come un atto liberatorio, di indipendenza, e come un regalo che va oltre le nozioni che imparerò. Significa darmi gli strumenti per raggiungere i miei obiettivi, affidarmi a professionisti che già hanno sbagliato e corretto la traiettoria per imparare, prendermi del tempo per me e la mia crescita. Se hai la nostra stessa voglia di imparare e di farti ispirare, abbiamo invece in serbo due nuovi corsi, uno di Food Writing a febbraio a Vicenza e uno di Food Styling e Food Photography con @vanigliacooking qui allo studio a gennaio. -------- [ENG] Every year I love to invest some of my time in new and exciting learning experiences, as this is something that frees me, inspires me and gives me new skills and methods to fulfil my dreams. If you love to be inspired just like us, we just launched our 2018 Food writing workshop in Vicenza and our Food styling and photography workshop with @vanigliacooking here at the studio. Very very soon news about our Three Acres Gathering in April 2018, too!
A forgotten olive tree with handfuls of ripe black olives saved from the frost, a few kilos of coarse sea salt, a pillow case to hold them, a family recipe and a month of patience. This is the beginning of a story of curing olives, preserving the season and making deliciously dried olives with orange zest and garlic, to be enjoyed next year. Have you ever preserved olives? How do you make them?
In these early days of winter, with the white skies veiled by a thin mist, the persimmons are small wonders of nature, clinging tenaciously to the bare branches of exposed trees. Persimmons are now abundant, infinitely good and affordable. This is why we’ve been working on this list of delicious recipes to share on the blog. It seemed the best way to greet these early days of winter: cooking, using seasonal ingredients and enjoying the warmth of an oven or of a pot simmering on the stove. Thank you for all your ideas, tips and links. Please keep them coming! You can get the link in bio to get some persimmon inspiration!
I fell in love with these castagnaccio sandwiches: you can simply bake a chestnut cake following the recipe on my blog, cut it into rounds with a cookie cutter and sandwich them with a lovely ricotta mousse made with fresh ricotta, a dash of cream, a pinch of sugar, chocolate chips and candied orange peel. We dressed them with a festive attire with a raspberry and a light dusting of icing sugar. This is the dessert that closed today’s cooking class with @bertazzoniitalia - check the stories to discover all the dishes we made. Thank you everyone for turning a cooking class into a friends’ gathering!