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How to Make Pastry Cream

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the most absolutely perfect-tasting lemon tarts with maple meringue. because summer is still going strong and it's glorious outside.
salted dark chocolate & cherry cups for the long weekend ahead ?
dancing to soul train playlists and cranking out goods for the weekend market, like this raw strawberry, vanilla and cookie crumb cake ?
anyone want to taste test my from-scratch savory tarts? ?? first up: local goat cheese, backyard tomatoes, balsamic.
for every successful recipe, there's at least one failed attempt stuffed into the green bin or pawned off on family. i messed up a huge batch of tarts today, freaked out, and decided to make something i couldn't mess up: raw almond + oat cookies with a salted chocolate drizzle.
after a messy year of struggling to find motivation and control, i finally decided to launch @frannyandco. because timing will never be perfect, and because some of the best opportunities pop up at the toughest of times. so hi ?? and i hope you're down with seeing more food photos and maybe even being some of my first customers. ?
watermelon raspberry lemonade. now all we need is some sunshine.
so happy to announce i'll be launching my lil food biz @frannyandco alongside some really talented folks at this month's @torontobakersmarket ?