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Apologies, I still have so many pics from the Pie Workshop. I originally wondered if the schedule was too long, but we had so much fun baking and talking techniques, that time flew by. We did save some time to enjoy this beautiful @vermontcreamery cheeseboard and some cocktails. Not a bad day. 🌟Thanks to everyone who have since inquired about future workshops. I love receiving your messages (Eeeek, I owe a few of you replies 😘). Let me know some dates you’re free by email, I’d love to pull another pie weekend together. I learned so much, I can’t wait for a new & improved Pie Workshop 2.0. I have so many new ideas! I am so inspired by my first group of amazing students 🙌🏻. #jkimworkshops #jkimpies #cheesebutterlove - - #pieworkshop #cookingclass #latticepie #piecrust #stylingworkshop #rslove #feedfeed #f52pie
Finally able to post for #nationalpieday! What a long and amazing day. Almost too tired to post after the work done between my am catch up with @charissa_fay and reconnecting this evening with an old friend/designer from the days at @RalphLauren. 🌿Cannot believe I used to oversee Womenswear Product Development/Tech design & parts of the pattern room. Grateful I accomplished that job, but truthfully it scared the hell out of me, talk about feeling that dreaded 'imposter syndrome’. 🌿Today I get to call pies like this work as a food stylist. Even if I have long days like today (it's 10pm and I’m just about to leave the office), I’m excited that I get to work in food, be creative, be a nerd about pastry and food in general, chat with you guys about those nerdy things. 🌿New work and challenges present themselves every day but I wouldn’t give it up for a second. I loved my career before, but I’m not sure I had THIS level of excitement while in Fashion. It seemed more glamorous in my head and more stressful than I realized! Any one relate to those false feelings? Here’s to figuring it out one step at a time, screw imposter syndrome. #realtalk #ilovemyjob and strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream ♥️ #jkimpies - - #pieseason #mywilliamssonoma #feedfeed #f52pie
Women supporting women! Excited for today’s @womensmarch and the spirit that it brings. I hope you’ll check put my insta stories, I’m highlighting my friends, family & all the females that inspire me on a regular basis. We all need a boost from time to time! I know I’m grateful for the encouragement I get, especially from all of you here. Thank You! It always warms my heart when I try something new and you support it. So... Let’s pick each other up, not because today’s the Women’s March, but let’s do it every day. And yes, the pie has nothing to do with this except to convey that we should surround ourselves with things that make us happy! Happy Saturday. xo jude #womensmarch - - #jkimpies
File under things to do everyday, Oven Baked Sweet Potato Chips. I wrote this recipe for @Delish last April, but I’m confident it will stand the test of time. Oh and there’s a Cheeseburger recipe with the chips. I did my best to make @julesfood proud while styling the 🍔 since she is THE queen of burgers! We’ve been pals since I joined @Instagram and luckily met in person pretty soon after. Those were the good old days. Do you remember how tiny the community was in comparison to now? I know a lot of us have been able to forge really great friendships via IG, I know I love it and appreciate it. Give Jules a follow if you don’t already, she’s pretty rad! Meanwhile, 🍟recipe link in profile. xx #jkimrecipes #thenewhealthy
Jook, or what some call Congee. There is something so beautiful in this simple dish, especially since it’s warm and comforting. No perfect recipe exists, so you can’t muck it up. Simmer cooked rice, 3:1 filtered water to rice ratio, until it’s broken down. If it’s pre-cooked 🍚 it usually takes 30-45 min, adding water as needed to desired consistency. Make extra for leftovers. I like mine thick, hot and bubbling served with cold kimchi or even just plain. I bet a jammy soft boiled would be amazing too. If you come to my house, it’s always on the menu, available upon request. 🥣 - - #jkimrecipes #foodandwine #f52resolution #feedfeed
Starting to plan the meals for the upcoming Pie Workshop. Here’s an option, Coq au Vin with a side salad of shaved crisp kohlrabi, tart apple, watermelon radish and shallot vinaigrette. While you’re coming to bake pies until your heart explodes, we’ll make sure you’re well fed and caffeinated. Feb 3-4 Pie workshop details are in my profile link. {sorry another tech fail, the link was broken & fixed now - problem w ????} Have a great week. #jkimworkshops - - #madeinstaub #howiholiday #f52resolution #feedfeed
It was a long week of continued nitty gritty re-branding work & website redesign that includes a streamlined check out process for my Pie Baking & Styling Workshop Feb 3 & 4 in NYC. It wasn’t built properly to begin with but I was so excited to get it announced. Nevertheless, I’m so excited for my first workshop. Oye, I had some ticketing snafu’s, so tickets are still available. Come join me! 🌟The Pie Workshop will include techniques to make decorative pies whether you have very little time or patience to a full afternoon and want a more detailed design. I’ve been changing my philosophy on pie making, I’ve been finding ways to make it easier and without all the fussy rules that are usually deemed critical. You guys seem into that too, I love how many Apple & Pear Tarts with a Ruffled Edge I’ve seen since Thanksgiving! I break a lot of rules in my pie crusts lately but they turn out great, I can’t wait to show them to you. Especially the new milk pie crust I made over the holidays, a new favorite and it does’t require anything but your hands. 🌟The workshop has only 3 students, so we’ll get really into your baking questions and make multiple pies if there is time. Mini pies are a great way to test out new designs. I hope you’ll take advantage of the cozy set up at my home studio where we get to focus on you, it might be a while before I get to teach this intimate class again based on my work schedule. 🌿All the details are on my website, link above. Look at the itinerary section for the topics we'll discuss & take note of the one-on-one session for an Instagram portfolio review or frankly anything you’d like to discuss. I'm so excited to bake with you. It will be delicious especially with sponsors like @vermontcreamery, more fun sponsors will be shared soon too, stay tuned. Happy Sunday! *Special thank you to @the.hawkes for all your help this week & getting things fixed up! Pie skills, YES. Technology, not so much! ***Second tech fail, sorry the profile link was broken & fixed now. #jkimpies #jkimworkshops - - #pieseason #mywilliamssonoma #feedfeed #f52pie
Pouring over photos to update my portfolio for the rebranding. Always a daunting task but I love the memories it stirs up. A fun shoot with @helloxclarice & @lisaelbert, aka the amazing oyster shucker. Btw, thank you for the awesome support about the rebranding. It takes so much time to go over all the details, the encouragement is greatly appreciated & used as fuel! New template hunt has commenced. Meanwhile, I discovered that the new font I bought has a lot of issues but found an even better one ?. I love when that happens, it was meant to be. The font is currently just used for my name on my website (for now) if you want to check it out. @kmphotokris & I particularly love the letter ‘K’ the best. Let me know what you think. ? #wwllt
I’d give my left arm for waffles, bacon, jammy eggs and coffee. Back in NYC and currently staring at an empty fridge at my friends apt while watching Farrah ?. I have to do something about it today, it’s really sad. Otherwise the temptation in NYC is ??= ? ?. Gotta get some healthy meal planning in gear this week. I finally have some time to invest in it. Love watching everyone’s healthyish posts for inspiration ❤️
It was my pleasure to cook for my dear friends old & new. We had dinner last night to celebrate @millercasale & @adestiff‘s engagement and gather with their close family friends Pia & @simonpearceinc. My warmest wishes to the happy couple Miller & Andrew. I couldn’t be more happy for you both! Love you. And sincere gratitude to @ruthstiff & Enoch for a wonderful week in their beautiful New Hampshire home. It’s a week never to be forgotten. (Thankfully I have a zillion photos in case my memory fades ????.) - Coq au Vin in Ruth’s shiny new @staub_usa. I forget why I haven’t made this in ages... comfort food is absolutely necessary this cold winter & will be on repeat. It was apparently -100 in this neck of the woods ????! Stay warm. xoxo #jkimtravels #madeinstaub #howiholiday #f52resolution #feedfeed