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Joanna Hawley
Seattle, WA
Carbs, Cats, & Climbing. Designer, Stylist, & Blogger.

15 Second Cocktails | Maple Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sour

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My Recipes
Mint, Hibiscus & Blackberry Popsicles
It's HOT and popsicles are sooo necessary, right?? Check out my Minty Hibiscus Blackberry Popsiscles for #popsicleweek. they are DAMN GOOD if I do say so myself
Spiced Maple Buttered Rum
Wanting to curl up with my boo on the couch and watch old Christmas movies (instead I'm in my studio pulling together photos for a fun bloopers of 2016 blog post!)... and YUM, this hot buttered rum!  — it's gluten-free, too.
My schedule has never been busier, so I make sure to take a moment for msyelf, every day... to the point where I sometimes set an alarm clock to remind me. I've teamed up with @PureLeaf and @TheFeedFeed to share more tips on I love that Pure Leaf focuses so much on the source and quality of their tea. Be sure to check out the giveaway running today over on @TheFeedFeed #PureLeafHomeBrew #FeedFeed #Ad
Oof, this time of year, amiright? So hectic, so stressful. For me, the ultimate luxury is taking time to indulge with a cup of hot tea. Get more tips on the blog today thanks to @pureleaf & @feedfeed 
Fruity Rose Sangria
This Rosé Sangria with Summer Fruits recipe is exactly what you'll want to sip all summer long: slightly tart, minty and sweet, and super refreshing. recipe developed by @spoonafterfork
Coconut Water, Pink Lemonade And Strawberry Popsicles
It's ‪Popsicle Week‬! not-too-sweet and super-hydrating recipe for coconut water + pink lemonade popsicles. They've got bits of lemon zest and strawberry for a refreshing light treat on those hot summer days!
Smoky Blood Orange Mezcal Margarita
Happy MargaritaWeek! S smoky + tart blood orange mezcal margarita. juuuust in time for Cinco de Mayo, you can get my favorite party essentials via
Kale And Chickpea Salad With Miso Yogurt Vinaigrette
I've grown a bit... bored of my go-to salad so I asked our recipe contributor @emmakmorris to whip up something new for me and she did not disappoint! Feast your eyes on this kale chickpea + ceed salad topped with miso yogurt vinaigrette.
Strawberry Rhubarb Spring Daiquiri
Has this felt like THE LONGEST WEEK EVER to anyone else. Toasting to the weekend with this week's cocktail from @ashroseconway. A not-too-sweet strawberry rhubarb daiquiri cocktail.