Joanie Simon
Love God, my husband, kids, cooking and camera. Get my photography secrets at @thebiteshot. Livin' the dream on our #SimonRanchito. 🐓

Cranberry Raspberry Holiday Cocktails

in partnership with Driscoll's
My Recipes
Dined tonight at @sandvscottsdale (previously Stone and Vine) #hosted with some of my favorite local food folks and enjoyed sampling across the menu including bruschetta, salmon, Chianti beef and cannoli. Luckily, we were in their private dining room so we were free to jump around and take pictures of our food without causing a spectacle 😜#sandvscottsdale #restaurant #scottsdale #feedfeed #azeats
#Repost @gmazproducer She cooked! @linadeflorias feeling proud to have helped @joanie.simon with the Instant Pot chicken lettuce wraps - perfectly healthy for the new year resolutions ???
Lemon Curd Meringue Nests With Berries
Per the request of my friend @adrianneahott, meringue nests with lemon curd. I could eat 10 of these (I might have already)
Lemon Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies
My enthusiasm for oatmeal this morning was not equally embraced by my kids. I ended up with leftover oatmeal which then turned into recipe testing for blueberry lemon leftover-oatmeal cookies.
Microwave Egg Sandwich
Catch the full video, shot from a college campus, how to make the best egg sandwich in your dorm room. It's for all those college bound and on the go!
Tiramisu Parfait
So far the Tiramisu Parfaits have been a hit! Thank heavens for no-bake since we are anticipating a heat wave this weekend! #chocolate
Grilled Skillet Berry Pie
...and the PIES have it! Learn how to make these cute mini berry skillet pies made on the grill in @bakerstonebox. What is this magical device You'll just have to watch the video to find out. It gets up to 800+ degrees and makes for THE flakiest pie crust.