Arancini With Mozzarella & Parsley

to me, those balls are perfect #deflategate
#sorrynotreallysorry #kindadontwantittoend

to me, those balls are perfect #deflategate #sorrynotreallysorry #kindadontwantittoend but seriously...these are gluten free rice balls...or for you fancier followers arancini #homemade #glutenfree #myopenkitchen 2 cups cooked and cooled white rice 1/2 cup (but runneth over a little) grated parmesan cheese, I use pecorino romano locatelli 1 organic egg ☝️mix this all together. form the balls in your very sticky hands and put a cube of the fresh mozzarella in the middle...8-10 cubes of fresh mozzarella (depending on how big you like your balls) once you have rolled all the balls (this recipe yielded 10 for me). 1 organic egg beaten 1 cup gluten free italian style breadcrumbs ☝️roll the balls in the egg, then the breadcrumbs mixture and fry for just a few minutes while rotating your desired crispiness. I also added in some fresh diced parsley?

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