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Steamed Chocolate Layered Cake
"Yes, you can totally bake a cake without an oven with this Steamed Chocolate Cream Cheese Layered Cake. Not every household has an oven or microwave. Nevertheless, it cannot stop you from making a delicious chocolate cake. There is no way the cake will dry out when cooked in the wet environment, which yields moist cake. The steamed chocolate cake also cuts down the need for oils, which can provide a healthier alternative of chocolate cake. However, please note that the wet environment may impact on texture and flavor. When you steam a cake, you do not get the same browned edges as you would if it were baked. Steam cakes also has a more pure flavor of the ingredients that make up the cake. The chocolate cake is moist, rich and decadent that people might not even know that it was actually not baked. I also layered the middle of the cake with a savory cream cheese to balance the bitter-sweet chocolate cake. Moreover, I cover the cake with some chocolate ganache and top it with fresh strawberries to make it even prettier."
-- @jajabakes_


Serves or Makes: 12