Blueberry White Chocolate Popsicles
"Is it possibile to obtain a heavenly popsicle with a smooth, fresh and a bit firm consistency that it doesn’t have to be served frozen but that you’ll think you’re eating a true and silken ice cream straight out of an ice cream maker? Yes, yes, yes, guys! These Waina 35% white chocolate whipped ganache shaped like pops are really perfect to munch on when you’re craving for a cold, crispy and extremely creamy sweet treat. They are flavored with vanilla and tonka bean and because blueberry-white chocolate is a delicious must, the whipped ganache is swirled with tangy blueberry fresh compote. They are super satisfying, thanks also to the crunchy Ivoire 35% white chocolate shell that I’ve colored with the Power Flower food coloring, but you can use any other fat-soluble light blue food coloring instead of it . If white chocolate and blueberry are your things, you’ll love them!"
-- @inlove_withcake