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Garlic Scape And White Wine Oyster Mushroom Toast With Brie
Grab some oyster mushrooms, sauté them with butter, garlic and white wine. Pile them on a toast topped with Brie cheese, pop under the broiler until bubbly and melty. Then sprinkle some thyme and pour yourself a glass of white wine and you've got a lovely evening snack.
Ricotta Stuffed Spinach, Nettle, And Pea Shoots Dumplings
A super belated repost of a recipe I shot and posted on the blog in June. They are supper yummy and easy to make and nettle is a body purifying superstar.
Steamed Artichokes With White Wine, Lemon And Herb Sauce
My meal last week (all week!). It is artichoke season so I tried to make the best of it. Fresh artichokes are supper yummy steamed in wine and garlic and served with lemony herbs.
This baby is coming to work with me today. Hope it tastes good.
I was surprised to find these baby turnips at the winter farmers market yesterday. I usually have them fresh in salads but today I sautéed both the roots and the tops with some olive oil, garlic, shallot and lemon juice. So yummy 😋
The winter soup obsession continues with another cream soup. I had a huge butternut squash which made the soup sweet and weird. A huge chunk of Parmesan, all bunch potatoes and bacon saved the pot from going down the drain. Now I have lunch for the week.
Making fun bites for good people in my life. Thankful for them and for their love and friendship. ❤️
I have been indulging in @turniprockcsa feta cheese over the summer and I have been marinating it in olive oil and herbs to persevere it. Hope my tonight's dinner friends like it as much as I do! 😋
Last picks from the fall farmers market. I will miss my weekly source of amazing fresh, seasonal vegetables. 🥕💛