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Garlic Scape And White Wine Oyster Mushroom Toast With Brie
Grab some oyster mushrooms, sauté them with butter, garlic and white wine. Pile them on a toast topped with Brie cheese, pop under the broiler until bubbly and melty. Then sprinkle some thyme and pour yourself a glass of white wine and you've got a lovely evening snack.
Ricotta Stuffed Spinach, Nettle, And Pea Shoots Dumplings
A super belated repost of a recipe I shot and posted on the blog in June. They are supper yummy and easy to make and nettle is a body purifying superstar.
Steamed Artichokes With White Wine, Lemon And Herb Sauce
My meal last week (all week!). It is artichoke season so I tried to make the best of it. Fresh artichokes are supper yummy steamed in wine and garlic and served with lemony herbs.
Roasted chicken for one please!!! Rich and creamy honey mustard chicken with potatoes, olives and rosemary. My inner French woman is going to have really good lunches this week.
With every new year and new beginning I try to leave behind what no longer is working for me, to open up a space for new things to come, and also to take with me only the things that enrich my life. My new year began with spending time with some good creatures that have been in my life for the past few years and who I hold dear to my heart. I cooked and we ate. We laughed and we were sad. We talked about old things and new things. We shared moments of joy and struggle. I cooked some oldies but goodies and new things, like this tart (which to be honest I thought would not work) with creme fraiche, gruyere cheese, crispy thin potatoes and rosemary. And I am excited for 2018 and for all the new and unexpected possibilities.
Leftover steak makes me a yummy sandwich on a toasted bread with some wasabi mayo, radishes, avocado and cilantro 😍
Alright. Don’t judge. It’s obvious that I have an egg toast obsession. I am blaming it on @holspearson and her Team Omelette’s amazingly delicious eggs.
I love when I have time on Sunday to make my lunches for the week. And this is my all-time favorite Julia Child and Jasper White fish chowder recipe with bay leaf and bacon. I add a splash of white wine and lemon rind for extra yummyness. 😋 #f52ugly
Snowy days are for staying at home, catching up with good friends and making yummy food.