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Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls with Eggnog Glaze

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Not a fan of yong tau foo but this bowl blew me away. Toothsome beehoon (apparently fresh, not dried), good yellow bean soup and great assortment of crispy goodies made in-house. But the crowning glory of this bowl is definitely the sauce that binds everything together - ytf sauce is usually overly sweet and tastes mass-produced, but the one here manages to taste slightly smoky and so deliciously complex. Amazing stuff🖒
A recommendation from my dad. A small roadside eatery famous for abalone mee pok tar and salt-baked chicken. I love salt-baked chicken and this must be one of the few places that still prepare this dish. It was tender and you could taste that the chicken had been cooking with Chinese herbs but this isn't the best I've had. Still it's a very good version and the chilli is power!! Exactly how I like my chilli - heavy on the garlic and tangy enough. The mee pok tar was good too; they've made it their own by adding a marinated soft-centered egg and a skewer of abalone slices and scallop.
Tried two bakchormee at Serangoon Garden Way food centre yesterday. Seng Kee (image 1) had a queue and provided the option of adding fish maw to the standard bowl. The soup was special, being the ikan bilis variety, and the mushroom braising liquid which formed the base of the sauce was so thick it was almost syrupy. Lao Song Huat (image 2) served up what must be the most meticulously plated bowl of bakchormee, the uncle even wiped the bowl as he handed it to me. Both were not the best I've tasted but if I were to return, it would be for the second because the handmade fishcake was truly springy and exceptional.
Picked up some tatsoi, also known as rosette bok choy, from the market yesterday. Absolutely beautiful with its spoon-shaped leaves and pale stems fanning out into a bouquet and delicious as a salad green or used in a stir fry.
Making money bags for tonight's dinner with the in-laws, bringing husband a little CNY spirit before he leaves for Melbourne.
What I think is one of the best chendols in the country. Might not be the most generous bowl, but that gorgeous chewy cap of gula melaka drives me crazy. Where do they even source their gula melaka from and why does it taste so damn good?
When we were dating, I ordered chicken rice so often at hawker centres that @wexalthim would go "chicken rice again?!" Yesterday, when he said that he had a chicken rice craving, I jumped on the opportunity and suggested going to Ghim Moh. There was a queue at #01-24 but it was pretty fast-moving (just 15min wait). Ordered a whole chicken and rice for four of us and it came up to $4 per person, really value-for-money. I suggest going as a group because, for the same price point, you're getting so much more chicken when you purchase one whole. And the chicken was so good - though it didn't have the coveted layer of jellied juices under the skin, every piece was silky and tender. The rice was mediocre, but if the star of chicken rice is more chicken than rice for you, you can't do much better than this place.
Chocolate, rye and walnut brownies from the @tivolirdbakery cookbook
Supper with @samuelyeun @pamelable94 @wexalthim two nights ago at Bishan North's famous kway chap. People rave about it but I found it disappointing. I have particularly high standards for kway chap because I used to eat it very often as a child. This one has none of my favourite fixings (pig stomach & ears), the large intestines had a foul smell, the lor sauce is weak and the chilli tastes synthetic. The kway chap on the top of my list is located inaccessibly at an industrial area in Woodlands - I used to have it almost everyday for lunch when I was interning at Givaudan. It has been 5 years and I've not had a better plate of kway chap since 😢
@wexalthim wouldn't leave for Melbourne without his prawn noodles here. The noodles are oily but the prawn soup is as intense as bisque and infused with enough chillies for it to be body-warming. Worth the trip and braving the grumpy auntie for. The homemade cheong fun from the stall opposite is silky and one of the best around too. #holygrail