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Valentine's Day Chocolate Curls

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thank you to my dear friend, @alexkathrynglass for introducing me to THE GREATEST COOKIE EVER, imho. and thank you to Angela of @ohsheglows for being an absolute queen in the kitchen. #cookieparty #halfeaten #ART
todays lesson: you can't be all things to all people ••• also, blending fresh pressed green juice with avocado [& spirulina] is the real deal ?
this cup of sweet & sour cabbage stew from @thefirstmess is more than just a cup of superfood stew, it’s a giant hug for my soul; tastes just like my Oma’s german rotkohl [sweet & sour red cabbage] and it’s exactly what I needed today on family day ••• topped with: x. fresh parsley & dill x. pine hedge organic kefir
be a [gluten-free, lemon // blueberry // kefir] muffin in a world full of cupcakes ••• also who needs muffin tin liners when you have unbleached compostable parchment paper ?‍♀️
When you combine ✌️ great things to create something extraordinary ••• fresh pressed carrot+ginger+turmeric juice & coconut milk [with grated nutmeg] #ohlawdy