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Bourbon Pecan Pie

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Grandma’s Stew Peas With Chicken
Today I've been in recovery mode. It's been a quality weekend. I'm glad the most stressful thing I had to deal with was deciding whether a pig pushed down a hill would constitute a sausage roll. Grandma's Caribbean stew chicken. Rice. Quinoa. Kale. Sprouts. Plantain. Other bits. Have a fantastic week, team. All the best.
Mozzarella And Smokey Prosciutto Pizza
Here she is. Sweet figs. Sharp balsamic. Smokey proscuitto. Mozzarella. The odd hit of umami from the truffle oil. Honestly gang, phenomenal. Tip - I use passata for the tomato base, I love the stuff. It's delicious. To make it even more delicious, I'll stick a few sprigs of bruised Rosemary into the jar overnight. The two can then become pals before I ruthlessly digest their friendship. This is also the same pizza base recipe that I used for my avocado & parmegiano pizza that featured on @thefeedfeed 190g strong bread flour Pinch of salt 1x sachet instant yeast 2 tbsp olive oil 200ml warm water Combine flour, salt, yeast in a mixing bowl, make a well, add the water & oil. Carefully drag flour from the edges to the centre of the well to combine. Once combined, tip the dough onto a floured surface and knead for 8 to 10 minutes. Cover and leave to rise in a warm place for 1 hour. Shape as required. If you are a thin crust lover, like me, or, you are just impatient, like me, don't worry about the resting bit. I won't judge you.
No better way to top off a great weekend spent with those dearest to you, than by having an awesome roast dinner to yourself.
Spaghetti. Chorizo. Arrabbiata. Kale. Croutons. Crispy sage. Have a lovely weekend gang xo.
I will never, ever, question or take for granted an early Christmas dinner. I’m genuinely flabbergasted how some people have the energy to pick a battle with the concept of an early Christmas dinner. I had my first of the year last night. And you know what? It was a knock out. And as much as I would have loved to have had it all to myself, there are limits to my stomach (very sad) and there are no limits when it comes to enjoying #ChristmasTogether. • We feasted on Black Forest Venison. It was silly. Like, the good kind of silly. Just like how filling a bath with anything other than water is silly, but if it was melted chocolate, that’s the good kind of silly. Know what I mean? We’re talking a French trimmed cacao nib sourdough chestnut rubbed rack of venison served with a cherry sauce. I’m salivating. Which isn’t a good look given I’m writing this on the train & salivating tends to lead to dribble. Then there was the Turkey with the stickiest of maple glazes that was filled with the most delicious gingerbread, sausage & apricot stuffing. Utterly, utterly fantastic. Some really fantastic products for you to enjoy a very decent #ChristmasTogether. • THERE’S MORE. Be sure to enter their competition. It’s a quality competition too. You could win Kitchen Aid mixers & absolutely beautiful magnums of Laurent Perrier. All you need to do is show @Waitrose how YOU are enjoying a lovely #ChristmasTogether. Share your photos & videos. Share them on your social channels & don’t forget the hashtag. Just make sure you check the Ts&Cs (link in my bio). • Also, whilst I’m here, have you checked out their new Christmas advert? It’s on YouTube & it’s awesome & it was the inspiration for our dinner last night. I feel like Waitrose should turn one of those into a full on film one day. Peace out ✌🏽. • #Waitrose #Ad #ChristmasTogether
@Waitrose released their 2017 Food & Drink report earlier this month & as ever, it provided a fascinating insight into food trends and the nations eating habits. • For example, 65% of Britons visit a supermarket more than once a day & there’s been a 67% increase in the sales of tapas & mezze style food. • But what’s next? The top trends to look out for over the next 12 months include: the fourth meal - for example, I like peanut butter on toast with sliced apple, nutmeg & maple syrup just before bed; Japanese ‘dude food’ - the food you’d find in the county’s izakaya bars such as deep fried tofu and yakitori skewered chicken, and; Indian street food. • This is my take on Indian street food. A turmeric toasted naan bread, loaded with crispy spiced lamb, grilled chicken, raita, cucumber & tomato salsa, chutney & crispy chickpeas. Utterly delicious. • The key thing for this dish is that you want to use just one frying pan in order to build up all those flavours. You get flavour building on favour. Call it, flavour squared. At the end, add a little turmeric powder (and a little more oil if needed), then dunk & fry your naan bread so it mops the whole lot up & gets toasted. • Chicken - Season the chicken with salt, pepper, medium curry powder & turmeric. Grill in olive oil & coriander seeds. • Lamb - Fry lamb mince in olive oil. Season with salt, pepper, chilli powder, dried mint & dried cumin. Fry till crisp & brown. • Salsa - Cube cucumber, tomatoes & red onion, then dress with lime juice, lime zest, salt, pepper & olive oil. • Raita - Mix Greek yoghurt with finely chopped mint, cucumber, lime zest, olive oil, salt & pepper. • Crispy chickpeas - Fry chickpeas & lentils in olive oil, garam masala, crushed garlic, crushed ginger, plain flour, salt & pepper. • Extra - Load all of the above onto your naan and top with lettuce, mango chutney, crispy dried onions, fresh chilli, chopped chives & pomegranate seeds. @Waitrose #ad #WaitroseReport2017