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Well done is a missed-steak. • A decent bit of bread toasted in steak fat, lathered with sweet mustard on the top & smoked apple chutney on the bottom. Filled with peppercorn sauce drizzled strips of ribeye & lambs lettuce. Right cheeky dinner on a Saturday night.
Baked shakshuka hug de cook style. Start off by roasting cumin seeds in coconut oil, add diced red & white onion, red & green peppers, garlic, hot smoked paprika, herbs, plenty of pepper & salt to taste. Cook that right down before adding a load of fresh cherry toms. Add lemon juice & balance out with a touch of sugar. Chuck that into a baking tin & add blobs of turmeric hummus. Sit the falafel on each blob. These basically represents the eggs. Bake for 20 mins at 180c. Finish with pom seeds, mint & yoghurt. Pitta bread works great as a dunker.
Nothing like a soft pilau & a decent madras to help you sleep at night. Puns intended.
Don’t you just love dinners like these when you’re feeling a bit stressed out? Leftover rib beef, pickles, grapes, apple, charcoal crackers & cheese. You did the hard work the day before, so the hardest work you need to do now is to pull the cork out of the wine bottle. You even burn some calories in the process. Winning. Hope you all had a great day ????????.
I’m about as Spanish as this dish was disgusting. • Chicken. Butter beans. Pepper. Onion. Garlic. Chorizo. Mushrooms. Herbs. • Roasted with a little chicken stock, smoked paprika & lemon.
Grandma’s Stew Peas With Chicken
Today I've been in recovery mode. It's been a quality weekend. I'm glad the most stressful thing I had to deal with was deciding whether a pig pushed down a hill would constitute a sausage roll. Grandma's Caribbean stew chicken. Rice. Quinoa. Kale. Sprouts. Plantain. Other bits. Have a fantastic week, team. All the best.
There are a few things that break my heart in this world. Hunger, lion infanticide & when the mozzarella on my pizza isn't crispy, golden & bubbly. 'Nduja tomato base. Wild garlic ramsons. Sundried tomatoes. A shed load of mozzarella & parmigiano. Truffle oil. Remember, to make a delicious yet aesthetically pleasing pizza base, use my recipe on @thefeedfeed website. For a crispy base like this one, don't allow the dough to rise. Not even for a second. Forget about it. Finally, build the pizza in a frying pan over a gentle heat, shaping it into a circle. Capiche?