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Episode 3

Making Sashimi Rice Bowls

Ask Alice@hipfoodiemom1
Alice gives tips on buying fresh fish to make sashimi with.
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On this episode of Ask Alice, watch as Alice shows you how to make a delicious Sashimi Rice Bowl at home! For more delicious recipes by Alice of @hipfoodiemom1, check out her blog here!

Sashimi Rice Bowl
Author: Hip Foodie Mom

Serves: 4


For the gochujang sauce:
¼ cup Korean hot pepper paste (gochujang) or more, if desired
1 to 2 tablespoons sesame oil
1½ tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon brown rice vinegar


For the sashimi rice bowl:
4 cups cooked white, medium-grain rice
2 cups chopped green leaf lettuce
½ Korean radish or Daikon radish, peeled
1 carrot, peeled
½ English cucumber, unpeeled and julienned
1 pound assorted sushi-grade fish, like tuna, salmon, or yellowtail (you could get a ⅓ lb. of each for variety)
Sesame oil to drizzle before serving
2 tablespoons masago, split
Microgreens or pea shoots for garnish
Gim (dried roasted seaweed); finely shredded for garnish
Sesame seeds


To make the gochujang sauce, whisk together all of the ingredients in a small to medium-sized bowl. Taste and adjust any ingredients as needed.


Using the Chef’s Knife, and working on a clean, flat cutting board surface, slice your sushi-grade fish against the grain into ¼″ thick slices. Continue until all of the fish has been sliced. Sometimes, depending on the shape of the sushi-grade fish you get, the end pieces will not be the same size; this is fine.


Place your cut sashimi onto a clean plate and cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate if not serving immediately.


Spiralize your veggies. Attach the fruit and vegetable skewer piece and insert the medium spiralizing blade. Secure the daikon radish onto the blade core and turn on your Spiralizer to speed 2 or 4 and spiralize. Repeat these steps to spiralize your carrot. Watch the video for more information on how to use your Spiralizer.


To assemble your Sashimi Rice bowls, grab two large-sized serving bowls and place about 2 cups of rice into each. Top with a cup of the green leaf lettuce, the spiralized radishes and carrots, and the julienned cucumbers, arranging the vegetables around the bowl to leave room for the sashimi. Place the sashimi into the bowl on top of the rice and drizzle with a little sesame oil. Garnish with the masago, micro greens, shredded gim and sesame seeds. Mix in the gochujang sauce and enjoy!