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Lauren Unger
New York, NY
Food therapist & chef - helping people cook from a place of love.

One Pot Vodka Pasta

in partnership with Muir Glen
My Recipes
Avocado Spinach Dip
Sneaking in some superfoods for the superbowl // Skip the calories of cheesy spinach and artichoke dip and try out this glow inducing Avocado Spinach Dip, takes just minutes to make (which is a good thing because people will be asking for more)
Dish With 'carved' Design (spool Dinnerware)
??Toast Toast Toast Toast // how to: plate, bread, mashed avocado with lime, smoked salmon, watermelon radish, poached egg done! ??#FeedYourSoul #foodisfuel #yolkporn
Creamy Miso Carrot Soup With Tahini & Garlic
Bugs Bunny knows what's up, and that's carrots!!! This soup is just as delicious as it looks and sounds! // Not only is this soup delicious it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins from the carrots and the miso helps to restore beneficial probiotics, what's better then that?
👩‍🍳You don't need to be a chef to feed yourself, you just need a few minutes and in this case a 🍌 some chia seeds, 🍼 and a mason jar // it's time you took your health into your hands. When we make our own meals we are able to set intention for them, how they will help our bodies and we can do that with love. When we leave it to others we are chancing picking up there energies. ✨ There was a movie I watched years ago Simply Irresistible - Sarah michelle Gellar was a chef and when she would cook and experience emotions it would be transferred into the food. While this was a movie that exaggerated it holds a very solid truth. 💚 Energy is everywhere and within everything, protect and build yours up and start with something as easy as feeding yourself - grab the recipe on my blog 😊
🍝Family Dinner // as you guys know I am a lover of veggies but not everyone is, so I have some tips and tricks: - choose a meal that is familiar and make simple edits 🍅- swapped out canned tomato sauce for some homemade cherry tomato sauce - chop up the veggies 🥒 - no need to limit the types of vegetables might as well try out a few and see what sticks. Pro tip, cut them up small so they can be easily consumed - protein rich pasta 🍝 - skip the white or whole wheat and opt for something higher in protein I used @ancientharvest quinoa penne ✨ And do these tips work?! Yes they do, this pan was consumed within minutes 🙌🏼💚 #pasta #ancientharvest #alchemy
✨Monday Motivation... go after your dreams // 3 years ago I had an idea. I remembered how my journey with food started by making salads I loved for work lunch and soon after colleagues were asking me to prepare meals for them. I thought back to those sad desk lunches and had an idea to reimagine them. 🥗 A few weeks later @hungerynyc was born out of my studio apartment. I thought I will likely get a few orders a week which would add to my schedule but I never imagined what would happen. @infatuation shared the meals across social media and soon I was making up to 50 meals out of my home almost daily. Soon after my meals were in the offices of @condenast @iamwellandgood @mindbodygreen @birchbox featured on blogs and in the hands of beauty editors around town. 🙌🏼 Sometimes when we are in the thick of things we can not even see the magic within. I wasn't sleeping, I was running around at 6am to get food from the market. I would cook, deliver and handle each order on my own get home after deliveries and be totally exhausted. At the time I knew I was helping others and that is what kept my drive going. My drive has always come from wanting to help others. While I am no longer delivering these meals around Manhattan I do remember these months fondly and hey... you never know they may just come back one day. Have a beautiful week my friends 💚🌿 #hustle #goafteryourdreams
🍜Soup is always the answer, even on beach days // took some time for myself this afternoon. I am a bit run down from traveling so I took a nice long fast paced walk to break a sweat, downed a wellness shot and sipped on a v+ juice from @lifefoodorganics by the beach. I walked into the ocean and released anything that is leftover to be cleared out with the Harvest Moon and now I am refueling with some homemade miso soup with greens, hard boiled egg and a serving of CBD. Give your body and brain then break it needs. 🌿✌🏼 . . . . . . #goodmoodfood #feedfeed #getinmybelly #eatpretty #goodeats #homecooking #glutenfree #mealprep #spoonfeed #paleo #eattherainbow #bbg #iamwellandgood #mindbodygram #fitfoodie #whole30 @feedfeed #healthnut #healthyfoodporn #f52grams #feedyourbrain #healthyeating #foodforfoodies #cleaneats #organicfood #wholefoods #eatforabs #fuelyourbody #droolclub #eatright #buzzfeast
💥Boom // popped out of bed at 6:52 and ran my butt over to @soulcycle for my first workout of the trip 😂😂 a 7am ride with @jera.bean after class I strapped on my wings and planned out the next 3 months of my life with @balanced_life_leslie and all of this before 9am. 🙌🏼 Trust the universe, follow the signs, accept the duality within and you will be supported in the most beautiful ways. Have a wonderful week friends!!! Time for some clients sessions and a fresh new 💇🏻 before I head back to the west coast ☀️
🍅Last taste of summer // grabbing some of these babies for the train ride out to LI. Growing up we didn't have "junk food" in the house, our typical on hand snacks were cherry tomatoes, pretzels, cheese and grapes. Now you know why I am so fancy 😂☺️ and yes I totally used to eat dunkaroos when I would go to friends houses. As a matter of fact... what friend has those now 😝