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Just popped to Larkhall fruit and vegetables shop to get something fresh for tonight. I got some flowers too. #Supportscommunity #Supportlocalbusiness #Eatfresh #EatNatural #Eatorganic#Food #vegetable #fruit #fresh #happiness #lifestyle #positive #nutrition #health #foodfeed #thefeedfeed #feedfeed
Simply put, profound transformational and sustainable results are my goals using custom-made health solutions. It is my commitment and my dedication to help you reclaim your vibrancy and vitality. There are many shocking misconceptions such as: Fruits and carbs make you fat and You can only have protein by eating meat. Both of the statements above are wrong and I can help. @heba_nutritionist #Research #knowledge #Delicious #Nutritious #EatClean #EatLocal #EatOrganic #EatWell #LiveBetter #EatFresh #EatNatural #EatOrganic #Food #Vegetable #Fruit #Fresh #Happiness #Lifestyle #Positive #Health #FoodFeed #TheFeedFeed #FeedFeed
Good morning and happy Saturday! It is sunny and hot but we are open most Saturdays. I am fully booked today and excited to meet new clients today as well as some of my existing clients. Enjoy your Saturday
From Heba's kitchen: These baby aubergines are going to join my mini bell peppers in preparing my delicious dinner this evening with the parsnip sauce. ???
From Heba's kitchen: A lot of people have a great difficulty in making sauces to go with their food. This is a very easy to make recipe with a healthy sauce/dressing that is so creamy with a velvety texture. The ingredients are: Parsnip, garlic, sea salt, carrots with black pepper. After cooking I blend it with milk (Plant or cow milk). You can add milk to taste as less milk makes it thicker and more cream. This source is great with fish, chicken or even your roasted vegetables. It can be used hot or cold. Heba.Xx
My healthy, fresh and delicious mini bell peppers tree. The mini bell peppers will be one of the ingredients of today's dinner.
This is how it all starts. One healthy meal at a time. Eat natural, eat healthy and eat fresh. Keep your body nourished.....Your health is in your hands. My Food is gorgeously fresh, mostly organic with a smart balance and an effortlessly innovative style that bridges the gap between healthy, nutritious eating and really delicious food. It’s vibrant, fresh, feel-good food you want to eat. Here are some of my cooked recipes that will help you make healthy choices every single day. Click on the photo to reveal its recipe. These recipes have been carefully chosen to ensure a balanced meal with the proper portions of nutrients.
Many people don’t understand the miracle of nutrition and its impact on their minds and bodies. Nutritionists believe that when the body heals it heals all its diseases. Take a browse through my website which gives you a taste of what I do and the way I like to work. Check out my Transformations page where you can see testimonials from happy clients of different age groups (72, 60 and 40 years of age) their experiences with me and the services offered at my centre.