How to Supreme an Orange

My Recipes
Creamy Tomato Soup With Popcorn Topping
Creamy Vegan Tomato Bisque..... plus cheezy popcorn (tossed in nutritional yeast)....minus the cream. Blended with @housefoodsamerica organic soft tofu in its place.
Raspberry Almond Financiers
Gluten-Free Raspberry Financiers: soft & springy cakelets that taste of almonds, vanilla, caramelized butter. And their golden edges make room for a pocket of fresh @driscollsberry raspberries.
Roasted Tomato Salsa
100% of the time I go for chips and salsa at a party. {the salsa is made with @muirglen organic fire-roasted tomatoes since fresh aren't available right now}
Roasted Cabbage Topped With Beet Sauce
Roasted Cabbage Steaks with Garlicky Beet Sauce + thoughts from a former protector of feelings.... that'd be me. I was that person, always on the fence when it came to committing. The times when I really didn’t feel like doing or going, I knew it right away, for whatever reasons those might have been. But I didn’t want to disappoint those who had been kind enough to ask. I didn't want them to think it was personal, or feel sad. I'd basically wait until the very last minute to tell them I wasn't coming, scared of their reaction, which always backfired on me even though I was trying to do the opposite - protect their feelings.
Mashed Rutabaga With Tomato Confit
Whipped Rutabaga Mash with Quick Tomato Confit: i think mashed potatoes have some competition. a touch sweet yet savory, and because rutabaga has less starch, they never get gluey like spuds can. then #partner @muirglen tomatoes + garlic simmered in olive oil, nestled in those golden swoops...
Lentils With Smokey Coconut Milk Tomato Sauce
Smoky Tomato Lentils cooked in Coconut Milk, a pantry staple, bulk bin kind of meal (using @muirglen organic crushed tomatoes ). Savory, earthy, creamy.... Plus a few thoughts on being homesick, not that we've moved, but on the road more often than not lately.