No Bake Chocolate Brownie Cake

Happy Friday from me and this raw chocolate brownie…
Happy Friday from me and this raw chocolate brownie cake🍫🍓 --------------------------------------------------- This cake is one of the most popular recipes on my blog and it's a perfect treat for mother's day😍 With a creamy chocolate base and a creamier ganache, 6 ingredients in total and no baking needed✌️Recipe on my blog- - direct link in my bio. ---------------------------------------------------- I really wish I could make this cake for my mom on Mother's day. But sadly she lives thousands of miles away from me... If you have the chance to spend this Sunday with your mom or anyone who has played the role of mom in your life, please forget about all of your problems and devote all your attention to them! Moms are so special. Make the day special for them❤️ ---------------------------------------------------- Also a huge thank you to @forksoverknives for sharing my loaded sweet potatoes and tahini beans stew in the past two weeks! #theyummyplant
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