Hanukkah recipes

It’s time to celebrate the festival of lights! Whether you’re making latkes, brisket, kugel or even fried chicken, we have tons of recipes to help you celebrate in a fun and festive way each of the 8 nights!

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The recipe for this hearty oven-braised beef brisket in @muirglen tomatoes is up now on BkS.

Fried Shallot Potato Kugel

A Note From feedfeed

We love this recipe because it guarantees a crispy kugel by cleverly heating oil in the baking dish first and adding the potatoes after, creating a crispy exterior, and creamy middle.
Recipe Original Source
Braiding and shaping orange cardamom scented dough for a Challah Wreath.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet and salty Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark
Doughnuts with Dulce de Leche
Pumpkin, rye & chocolate babka topped with a salty maple sugar streusel
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  • Steak Salad