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A Note From Sina Mizrahi

Its sweet nuttiness and smooth, dense texture makes halva an irresistible confection. Typically made from fusing sesame paste (tahini) with a sweet syrup, the candy comes in a myriad of flavors with vanilla, chocolate, and pistachios being the most popular. I've had a whiskey halva that's worth a flight from wherever to enjoy a slice at the Jerusalem shuk. There is also shredded halvah which comes as thin strands that melt in your mouth and feel like grown-up cotton candy. Fold it into your cake batter, crumble it on your granola, churn it with ice cream, or simply eat it sliver by sliver. There are countless ways to enjoy halva so scroll down for some inspiration.
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Jerusalem, Israel /Los Angeles, CA

Lover of lingering meals; author at Gather a Table; fond of halva and dark chocolate, preferably together.

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