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French Onion Soup

My Recipes
Dark Chocolate Brownie Energy Bites
Need a little pick me up after the long holiday weekend? These Dark Chocolate Brownie Energy Bites will definitely put a pep in your step. Made with pistachios, almonds, almond butter, dates, and dark chocolate!
Cherry Cake Topped With Bourbon Marshmallow Frosting
May I interest you in a slice of this Cherry Party Cake with Bourbon Marshmallow Frosting? It's the perfect dessert for any occasion. Fluffy white cake topped with a bourbon marshmallow frosting and fresh cherries! Super easy to make, but bursting with flavor!
Mexican Oven Wings With Avocado Crema Sauce
Move over buffalo wings there's a new sassy wing in town! YOU GUYS! These Mexican Spiced Crispy Oven Wings are killer. Baked oven wings bathed in a buttered enchilada sauce and dipped into an avocado crema. Can you say OLE?!
Brownies With Blueberry Marshmallow Frosting
Make this Thursday a little more decadent with a few of these Dark Chocolate Brownies with Blueberry Marshmallow Frosting. Chewy, dark chocolate brownies covered with a fruity marshmallow frosting makes this dessert two-snaps around the world.
Turmeric Noodle Bowls With Ginger Garlic Shrimp
Turmeric Noodle Bowls with Ginger Garlic Shrimp are a must make meal that's ready in 30 minutes! Turmeric soaked noodles get tossed with ginger garlic shrimp, basil, and cilantro. Whip this up for dinner tonight, y'all!
Pimento And Andouille Grilled Cheese
Pimento Grilled Cheese with Andouille is an easy and cheesy sandwich to make that's ready in 20 minutes or less! Sautéed andouille piled high with pimento cheese and pickles will show any Monday who's boss! ??
Blt With Sesame Roasted Salmon And Kimchi Yogurt Sauce
Truth: I find stopping to eat lunch during the work day annoying. BUT! My goal for 2017 is to incorporate a more balanced eating schedule during the week. I think I'll stop for lunch more if it includes this Sesame Roasted Salmon BLT with Kimchi Yogurt Dressing!
Hearty Chipotle Steak And Shrimp Panzanella Salad With Okra
Who says a salad has to come in lettuce form? This Chipotle Steak and Shrimp Panzanella Salad is a delightful and refreshing salad anytime of the year. Chipotle marinated steak, spicy shrimp, crunchy croutons, tomatoes, cucumbers, and okra. Who needs a giant ass bite?!