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Debbie Dine
Washington, DC
Creative, healthy foodie with a passion for plant-based foods, smoothies and symmetry. Always in search of breakfast.

Classic Dark 'n Stormy with Rum Float

My Recipes
Make Ahead Smoothie Ice Cubes
It's a smoothie ice cube concentrate marathon at our house this week as fall and the bustle of the new school year approaches just weeks away.
Mini Marbled Cake Pots
Marble Swirl Chocolate Personal Cake Pots! Baked! I promised to show you them baked after showing you the swirly batter a few posts down. These are healthy, vegan, free-from and cute!
Infused Sparkling Water
Healthy Infused Sparkling (fizzy) Water! Such a refreshing twist on the already-wonderful infused water! I'm sharing two sparkling detox recipes and a few other options, including making your own carbonated water, better for you and the environment. A huge hug and thank you to this fantastically supportive community who is sharing me today in an awesome display of community love and spirit. It was really fun for me and I saw clearly just how valuable sharing is, on both sides, and I, for one, plan do more of it on this page. Wishing you a lovely Wednesday Love, Dee xx.
Italian Marinara Veggie Meatballs
Vegan Italian Meatballs in homemade Marinara, so healthy and protein-filled, you will be ready for a run after dinner, not a nap.
Whipped Coconut Cream Filled Devils Food Cake Bars
Vegan Ring Dings. Devils food, cream-filled hand-held cakes. Here is my chocolate surprise! Remember these packaged snacks? Well my version are super healthy! Make them for your Valentine
Vegetable Quinoa Paella With Artichokes And Mushrooms
Vegan Paella with Artichokes and Mushrooms. I veganized this popular Spanish rice dish with artichokes, mushrooms and super healthy quinoa! All my finding savory contestants have so inspired me to try savory.
Spiced Butternut Soup
Butternut Squash Savory Vegan Soup. As the temperatures dip below zero, and my extended family files in, rubbing their chilled hands together, I cooked up the warmest, most comforting soup I know! Traditional yet vegan and plant-based, this soup is so nutritious, with butternut the star, a huge source of vitamin E (for skin support), and Vitamin A (for eyes), and loads of other nutritional benefits… And thank you Julie and Dan and team at @thefeedfeed, so so kind!
Cashew Cream Affogato
Vegan Spiced Cashew Cream Affogatto ! A hot frosty chocolate affogatto is perfect for my favorite trend - dessert for breakfast! I created this vegan version of that elegant Italian treat as our dessert yesterday!