Gracie Bensimon
Baked in Brooklyn DM or email for catering requests! #graciebakedthis

Crab Gratin

in partnership with Eric Ripert
My Recipes
the Ice Cream Sundae Cookie with waffle cones, rainbow sprinkles & stuffed with hot fudge #girlflour #sockgame
the Pretzel Mustard Cookie with chocolate chips. Developed in collaboration with @colinswords. This classic snack transforms into a sweet & savory (albeit unorthodox) cookie!
Let it always be raining sea salt on chocolate chip cookies
the Speculoos Chocolate Chip Cookie stuffed with more speculoos #girlflour
the Parent Trap Cookie stuffed with peanut butter & oreos #jif or #skippy
the Ultimate Fudgy Brownie Cookie stuffed with brownie batter filling
the Elvis Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Cookie topped with crispy bacon bits & peanut butter drizzle #gracieland #girlflour #bakeatyourownwhisk