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experiencing a waffle lot of breakfast envy this morning ? (because today's banana on-the-go wasn't nearly as exciting)
snacking on chia pudding made with @salbachia and topped with strawberries, cacao nibs + pineapple macadamia coconut @frontierbites (aka the best improvised granola ever ?)
quick bowl of @fage 2% topped with blueberries, a white nectarine + almond blueberry lemon @frontierbites (SO yummy - a must try!) to start off the morning ? hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!
cloudy mornings call for bright smoothie bowls ? made with ?, blueberries, raspberries, plain yogurt + almond milk and topped with @salbachia
mondays aren't so bad when there are waffles involved ? topped with coconut @siggisdairy, warmed blueberries + toasted coconut flakes
farmers market toast for breakfast this morning (bread, avocados, tomatoes, and microgreens all from the local farmers market!) + 1/2 of a grapefruit on the side ?
rolled oats cooked with almond milk + ground @salbachia and topped with berries, banana + pb ? happy weekend!
hi friends! I'm back from the most incredible semester abroad and after somehow surviving an entire four months without a blender, I had to jump right in with a smoothie bowl ? made with lots of fresh berries, ?, yogurt + almond milk and topped with @sevensundaysmn blueberry chia muesli
Greenest of smoothies this morning ? frozen spinach, ?, frozen peaches, almond milk + @fage Greek yogurt and topped with a lil homemade granola. Happy Monday, friends!
Taking full advantage of my parents' waffle maker while I still can ? these are whole wheat and topped with all my favorites (blueberries, ?, flaked coconut + @traderjoeslist almond butter)