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Trisha Hughes
Omaha, NE
Midwestern girl, mom of 4. I like my coffee dark & my vodka with lime.

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My Recipes
Beef And Pork Chili
I can’t help but be a teeeeeny bit excited about this hearty chili recipe. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you might know it’s taken us awhile to get Arthur to a point where he can actually eat certain foods. Tomatoes being one of those. When we started the GAPS Diet a few years ago & began taking him through this protocol we realized there were many, many foods he simply couldn’t tolerate. Although I was disappointed, I stayed really optimistic that there would come a time when he’d be able to enjoy more foods & luckily, I was right! I’m not sure why this chili recipe has always held a special place in my heart as a fall time, family food. When my husband & I started having kids I remember specifically asking for the biggest stock pot he could find me. In my head, I envisioned a huge pot of chili on a crisp fall day & ladling bowls for the kids all afternoon. Well, guess what, friends? Chili is back on the menu. I'm so excited to share this recipe I created in collaboration with @frontiercoop this month. Use my link in profile to hop over & check it out.
Mediterranean Chicken And Rice Stuffed Tomatoes
Tomorrow, in my email, I can't wait to share this recipe! Mediterranean Stuffed Tomatoes from @evakosmasflores new cookbook, Adventures in Chicken! Get ready for more chicken recipes than you can shake a drumstick at!
Make Ahead Bacon And Tomato Egg Casserole
If you've been waiting, wait no more friends! This is my make ahead, freezer, bacon tomato egg casserole! Make these for new moms when you're taking a baby meal, make em for the kiddos if you're going outta town, heck, just make em over the weekend & have something to heat up quickly during school mornings. Whip this up & freeze it raw! Yes! You can totally freeze raw eggs! Happy cooking!!
Gluten Free Pluot Olive Oil Cake
Let your stone fruit shine!! Summer is the perfect time to make my gluten free Olive Oil & Pluot Cake. Any stone fruit will work beautifully in this - plums, peaches, apricots, take your pic!
Cassava Flour Blueberry And Peach Pie
Spent the afternoon working on this JUICY pie!? This is one of my favorite variations of this cassava flour, gluten free pie crust recipe. I've made it with butter. I've made it with organic palm shortening. But this baby is made with a magical combination of butter & @epicbar duck fat & it is fantastic! I'll have this one up on the blog soon. Just in time for Pi Day. Btw, whew I am tired. Is it Friday yet
Blueberry French Toast Casserole
This is always a hit with my kiddos & a perfect addition to any brunch. Gluten free blueberry French toast casserole. I bet it'll all be gone before you can finish saying the name. ?
Olive Oil And Blood Orange Cake
Guess what's happening tomorrow? Two new recipes, hitting your inbox first thing in the morning. ✔️ Dairy free potato & leek soup ✔️ Gluten + dairy free olive oil & blood orange cake.
Dairy Free Potato & Leek Soup
Are you sick of seeing this soup yet?? I didn't think so! Creamy, dairy free potato & leek soup coming atcha tomorrow morning but ONLY if you're on my email list. So are ya? Are ya are ya are ya?? Link in profile if you're not! ••
Potato And Leek Soup
A dairy free creamy, potato & leek soup so good... my pickiest eater ate two bowls. This one will be hitting the blog on Tuesday. Also, did ya catch my periscope I did showing how I styled this shot? It'll be around for another few hours if you want to see how I smooth my soup & what I do when I don't actually have any black pepper. ????