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Apple Slab Pie

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THE “TO-DIE-FOR” BURGER | That miscomm two Fridays ago that resulted in dinner being served as late as close to 9:00PM! And it’s not that I didn’t say, people not listening and paying attention to me lah 😭
SPLITTER SPLATTER | Spent the afternoon in the kitchen with the folks, got grease in the hair and mass-produced ngoh hiang (and Seaweed Popiah Crisp)! Can you believe it? It’s the last weekend before the lunar new year already! 😱
CHILLI CRAB WAFFLES FRIES | Only one part of Monday’s food and drinks with the usual suspects... because lighting was bad once the sun sets! 😛
MALA HOTPOT | When the mother orders, she makes sure food is served filled to the brim as always. 😶
GINGER SHOT | Perfect belly warmer to kick off the brand new week after the chilly weekends! Thankew @yan7lime for the Monday morning treat and now we all know @monkeyrepublic hates ginger. 😏
SAMBAL PETAI | Never mind the stinky breath, stinky pee, stinky fart, stinky poop... Gimme a whole big bowl of this and rice too please! ??
OMU | Rumour has it that you can have lava-style omurice in Singapore now. Fair enough it’s true but it’s also $2.00 more for this or regular omelette.
CHANGI VILLAGE | Fa-meh (famous but meh) nasi lemak before we burnt a thousand calories only because all the other stalls are not opened for business yet! And fish fillet because makcik says tak ada ikan lah ‘nak~ ?
MERRY BARA CHIRASHI | First fried beehoon for breakfast, then this bara chirashi don for lunch and not forgetting fried carrot cake, dumplings soup and 汤圆 glutinous rice balls in peanut soup for dinner yesterday... hohoho let the overeating weekend begin! ???
SO RANDOM | That random Sunday with random craving for claypot rice and making do with something from a random food court stall. But hey, it’s actually quite ok leh. ???