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A Note From Helen Tzouganatos

When I switched to gluten free diet I quickly discovered the most challenging meal occasion was lunch. You are typically at work or on the run at this time of the day and most take away options are a 'no go' - sandwich bars rarely stock gluten free bread, pasta is off limits (good luck finding someone who stocks gluten free pasta), most salads contain some form of gluten in either the dressing or ingredient list and Asian food is marinated in wheat soy. If you find yourself in the same predicament my advice would be plan ahead. With a little planning and home preparation, your friends and work colleagues will be salivating over your home cooked mouthwatering gluten free lunch. Gluten free pantry staples like tamari, rice flour and gluten free bread and pasta are now readily available in the supermarket so stock up, plan ahead and cook up a storm!
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Helen Tzouganatos


Sydney, Australia

A food obsessed mum of 3 who is always hungry, somewhat fussy, strictly gluten free

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Glazed Honey And Thyme Chicken And Apricot Kebabs

A Note From Helen Tzouganatos

Mixing sweet and savory is a match made in heaven; especially when it comes to grilling. This recipe for grilled honey thyme chicken and apricot kabob skewers sounds delicious.
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