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Watermelon, Feta and Pesto Salad Skewers

in partnership with Blue Moose of Boulder
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@smallmeasure and I had a wonderful time this past weekend at @erinadamsphoto’s shoot of our Shrimp and Grits Potluck for @edibleasheville. Along with the wild NC shrimp, we made @hngmeats pork sausage meatballs glazed in a honeysuckle blossom gastrique, crimini mushrooms braised in a miso reduction, various roasted vegetables, and radish moons. Guests included @jenathan of @edibleasheville and husband @rorris; @_krismoon_ and husband Paul, @adri.oli, @harveybuilt, @kimprue, and baker @brennan_bryce. Lots of fun toppings such as @rorris and @jenathan’s pickled banana peppers, and nduja that @kimprue brought that was made by @becanipelli of @cucina24restaurant. Was a lovely evening!
I have to admit, I didn’t even know who was playing before the game started tonight. I’m not against football, I am just pretty clueless about it. @smallmeasure and I always watch the Super Bowl nonetheless, and we love the excuse to make fun food for the event. Tonight I made East and West chicken wings. Both started out with a honeybell marinade. The East wings had a Tandoori spice dry rub, and were tossed in an orange marmalade-buffalo ghee glaze after they were briefly roasted and then fried in a @lodgecastiron pan. The West wings had a pine needles, sumac, ramps salt, and smoked paprika dry rub, and they were glazed in a corncob jelly, rye whiskey, and malt vinegar gastrique. The East wings were topped with cilantro and sesame seeds, and the West wings were topped with a little crumbled Gorgonzola. A fresh Gorgonzola dressing with celery and hot sauce were served on the side. They were a big hit!
Snow cream on a snow day is a must at our house. These snow cream sundaes are made with a layer of @smallmeasure’s lavender peach butter, and topped with caramel-coated mulberries, preserved pears, slivered crystallized ginger, @traderjoes‘ dark chocolate-mint shortbread cookie stars, and @smallmeasure‘s black pepper maraschino cherries. Great fun, and super tasty.
Grits with: @hngmeats pork meatballs glazed in corncob jelly and red wine; mushrooms braised in miso, butter, and ginger; fried egg with @ashevillewildfoods ramps salt; @grpicklers ramps pickles; celery salad; roasted carrots; radishes; capers; dill; Gorgonzola; and a little hot sauce.
Quesadillas with ham and garlicky creamed spinach, topped with lots o’ fixin’s.
Scene from @smallmeasure ’s annual cookie exchange: hot chocolate bar made with @frenchbroadchocolates and lots of toppings, and roasted carrrot-fennel dip from @smallmeasure’s book, A Year of Picnics.