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Skillet Cornbread with Butter, Honey and Flaky Salt

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The wood fired Scotch oven at #apexbakery, originating in 1924. Unlike an Italian oven where the fire is lit in the oven chamber, the wood, a very heavy dense mulga wood, is fed in to the chamber on the right. This heats the brick floored oven, hotter to the right side than the left where the chimney takes away the smoke. It’s believed to be the longest running continually fired commercial wood oven in Australia. This is used for bread, pies, pasties and sweet doughs like hot cross buns. GG #breadbaker
Finger Limes in Queen Victoria Market Melbourne. This wonderful fruit with the fragrance of Keffir lime leaves is about the size of a small gherkin and is filled with tiny lime green pearls of intense citrus flavour that burst juicing in your mouth when you eat them. Such a wonderful intense flavour. We’ve been adding them to our cocktails as well as simply eating them. A new favourite for #nigella after her latest Aussie trip. GG #fingerlimes #victoriamarket
Hasselback potatoes stuffed with bacon, roasted with rosemary. #hasselbackpotatoes GG
Asian style beef tartare, soy peanuts, cumin, fennel & crispy bits. The egg is stirred into the meat and nuts for a perfectly seasoned light tartare. Wonderful flavours with great texture at #vintnersbarandgrill GG #barossarestaurant
House cured and smoked trout, horseradish, avocado and rye crumble. A full of flavour starter at #vintnersbarandgrill with a textural crunch and freshness from the frisée lettuce. GG #barossa #barossarestaurant
Chinese New Year apples in Queen Victoria Market Melbourne. Large juicy lucky colour red apples to celebrate good fortune and the year of the dog. GG #cny2018 #yearofthedog #queenvictoriamarket
The prehistoric looking Balmain Bug for sale in Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne. The tails are gently cooked, steamed, sautéed or barbecued. We haven’t seen one on a menu yet but Mr Glam is still hoping. GG #balmainbugs #victoriamarketmelbourne
Passion fruit curd tart @zumbopatisserie. I love the sweet tart flavour of passion fruit so this is the one for me. Perfect to share with Mr Glam and a selection of #zumberon to take away. #fairycake was my favourite. GG
Red velvet Zonut from @zumbopatisserie filled with red velvet cake mousse, raspberry gel and topped with whipped cream and red velvet cake crumbs. GG #redvelvetcake #adrianozumbo #masterchefaustralia
Trying to choose a cake @zumbopatisserie. @adriano.zumbo is an amazing pastry chef producing gravity defying light patisserie. GG #zumberons #masterchefaustralia