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Mixed Berry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake
"Let’s be real: Berries aren’t being their best selves right now, in the dead of winter (not in the snowy Midwest, at least). But if you happened to be wooed by their outward appearances in the produce section only to discover, at first bite, that they do in fact still taste terrible this time of year, FEAR NOT — you can throw them into this ✨Triple-Berry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake✨, with a ribbon of sweetened cream cheese and a thick streusel topping, and all will be well. 🙌🏼"
-- @girl_versus_dough

Recipe Intro From girl_versus_dough

This Mixed Berry Snacking Cake is the perfect sweet treat to make in just under an hour or so. Each bite contains fresh berries, cheesecake filling and an exceedingly thick crumb topping which is perfect for your morning cuppa or just for a quick snack in the afternoon.