Juneteenth Virtual Cookout with Eat The Culture


Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea by Pink Owl Kitchen
The History of Juneteenth
by Geo Banks-Weston

It had been more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, when Union soldiers rode into Galveston, Texas, to share the news that legalized slavery had officially ended. For many Black Americans, this day, June 19th, 1865 (now widely known as Juneteenth), symbolizes freedom, hope, and new beginnings. While Juneteenth has been the foundation of celebrations throughout Texas and the American South for decades, the holiday has garnered much more mainstream attention in recent years.

A small part of this long overdue recognition was due to federal legislation signed in 2021 by  President Biden making “National Juneteenth Independence Day” the 12th federal holiday.

Celebrating Juneteenth with Eat The Culture
From parades to pageants, cookouts, and barbecues, the Black community commemorates Juneteenth with celebrations that pay homage to the strengths and struggles of our ancestors and honor our community's continued perseverance. And what would these celebrations be without a delicious spread of food?
In 2017, to amplify the rich culinary traditions at the center of this holiday, two Black culinary creators, Meiko Temple (Meiko the Dish) and Aaron Hutcherson (The Hungry Hutch), brought together a group of their peers to bring to life a recipe-sharing collaboration known as the Juneteenth Virtual Cookout. In its 6th year, the Juneteenth Virtual Cookout continues to be a highly anticipated event and is now under the leadership of Eat the Culture. Eat the Culture is an organization established to foster a community-centered safe space that nurtures, empowers, and cultivates Black culinary creators and entrepreneurs.
Banana Pudding Pound Cake by Lenox Bakery
2023 Juneteenth Virtual Cookout
This year over 30 creators honored our deep-rooted culinary heritage by developing meaningful main dishes, sides, desserts, and beverages ideal for backyard barbecues and summer get-togethers with loved ones. The recipes have even been organized into menus to represent the true expansiveness and versatility of the Black food experience. Check out this year’s recipes, and be sure to follow @eattheculture and #JuneteenthCookout2023 on instagram for more fun.