Dark Chocolate Brownies
"Sometimes brownies just hit the spot. In my case I'm lucky to get to the baking part! It's true *raising hand* I'm that girl who has eaten a whole bowl of brownie mix. More than once. It really took off, more often than I'd care to admit when I was pregnant and there was something so decadent about it...it fell in the happy place between chocolate pudding and chocolate pot of creme. The last month of my pregnancy it's all I remember consuming....and so the holidays (when I beautiful little man was born) have always been this guilty pleasure of chocolate batter and sprinkles...well because now the second generation has a "lick the spoon" problem but he likes his with sprinkles & whip cream. Go figure. Dark Chocolate Brownies with sprinkles and almond and nutmeg infused whipped cream. Because we can people! December 2014 New Orleans"
-- @gabriellegeiselmanmilone