Butterfly Pea Flower Sourdough
Recipe Intro From feedfeed

You can find @fullprrofbaking's basic sourdough recipe via the link below. In this YouTube Video she walks through all the basics for baking sourdough at home!  As for this bright and colorful version, here are a few tips and tricks!

"If you want to try this at home, I recommend steeping about 20g (about .75 ounce) dried flowers in 1 cup boiling water, about 20 min. Then strain the blue water and allow to come to room temperature. I used 2 cups flour (you can use a portion whole wheat flour, or even just all bread flour) and mixed with about ¾ cups blue water. Let rest 1 hour, covered. Then add in your sourdough starter (¼ cup; or you can use 2 teaspoons commercial yeast if you prefer) and sea salt (1 tsp). Allow the dough to rise a little less than double in volume (if using sourdough starter; and rise about 2.5 times in volume if using yeast). I like to add in coil folds (stretch and folds) to build strength in the dough throughout the rise. Then shape the dough, place in a banneton (or linen-lined colander), and let the dough rise overnight in the refrigerator. Slash the next morning and bake the next morning using a Dutch oven at 485˚F for 20 minutes (covered with lid), then another 20 minutes at 450˚F (uncovered)." - @fullproofbaking

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Crumb of previous bake 🌾🦋💜 Instead of swirling, this time I decided to go with 100% butterfly pea flower tea for an extra bold color! 😍 Dough was incredibly soft and extensible - like silk! from the addition of the tea... just brilliant to handle! Added some fresh, lightly processed sprouted rye for extra sweetness. Got some really cool crumb out of this one - very happy with this bake. Enjoy your weekend everyone! . Thanks to @nthebaker for the hand-picked flowers - I'm so grateful you took the time to send me this lovely gift 🤗 And thanks as always to @ratti_xtraordinarybite for the original idea to use these flowers in sourdough! -@fullproofbaking