Sir Kensington’s & Feedfeed’s Summer Bash at FeedfeedBrooklyn June 26th, 2018

With Sir Kensington's Condiments with Character


Sir Kensington’s & Feedfeed’s Summer Bash at FeedfeedBrooklyn June 26th, 2018


Article by Allison Hudson
Photography by Ben Jay & The Feedfeed

Photo: Sir Kensington's Trifecta Burger Cart at FeedfeedBrooklyn

With all the fresh foods and warm weather staples that we have on hand, it’s not quite summer without one big bash to celebrate the classics - burgers & hot dogs, corn, lobster, ice cream, cold drinks and all the sides and sweets in between.  We took that sentiment to heart this past June, and teamed up with our long-time brand partner Sir Kensington’s to throw the ultimate Summer party for our NYC-based community at FeedfeedBrooklyn.  While the season’s classic repertoire of outdoor eats anchored the evening, it was Sir Kensington’s condiments that truly took things to the next level.  Have you ever noticed how the conversation at a Summer time party so often centers around favorite ways to dress up favorite foods?

As guests arrived at FeedfeedBrooklyn, they were greeted by Sir Kensington’s own Trifecta Burger cart, which serves up what we must say are the condiment-lover’s dream burger… they are triangular, to allow for dipping in multiple condiments!  Sir Kensington’s even developed a special bread loaf that perfectly fits the sandwiches. We loved the Trifecta Burgers with Sir K’s Classic Ketchup.  

Photos: Sir Kensington's Trifecta Burger Cart, Trifecta Burgers and Fries

Speaking of favorite condiments, there is perhaps no greater testing ground than the simple hot dog, which plays host to all variety of toppings.  The best part is that there is no wrong way to complete a hot dog - the red-and-yellow combo, a single squiggle, or a complete conglomeration all qualify as the makings of a perfect dog.  The extra-long variety served up by Brooklyn Hot Dog Co. made for some beautiful - and delicious - palettes!

Photos: Sir Kensington's Condiments with Character, Hot Dogs from Brooklyn Hot Dog Co. and members of our Feedfeed NYC Community!

If hamburgers and hot dogs are platforms from which condiments enthusiastically roar, the lobster roll is where they sublimely whisper.  We honored the subtle and the bold equally during the party, working with the team at Greenpoint Fish and Lobster to offer a yang to the burgers and dogs yin.  They served lobster rolls made with Sir Kensginton’s range of mayonnaise, including organic and avocado-oil based.   

Photos: Lobster rolls from Greenpoint Fish & Lobster, wine from Bonterra and members of our Feedfeed NYC Community!

We also loved sharing some of the Summer foods that really sing when condiments are included right in the heart of a recipe.  We used Sir Kensington’s in our own Feedfeed original recipes for easy appetizers and sides to compliment the dinner spread served at the bash.

Pull-Apart Ham & Cheese Sandwiches made with Sir Kensington’s Spicy Brown Mustard & Avocado Mayo

Homemade Beer Pretzels with Sir Kensington’s Spicy Brown Mustard

Mexican Street-style Corn Salad made with Sir Kensington’s Avocado Oil Mayonnaise 

Summer Salad with Sir Kensington’s Dijon Mustard dressing

Potato Salad made with Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise

Boston Baked Beans made with Sir Kensington’s Classic Ketchup
With all the savory bites enjoyed throughout the evening, the night wouldn’t be complete without the sweet treats of Summer!  Guests devoured scoops by Davey’s Ice Cream and we loved the Sir K’s - inspired cupcake and cotton candy toppers!
Photos: Ice Cream from Davey's, Cupcakes made by The Feedfeed team and Cotton Candy!
All told, it’s not Summer without a big bash and it’s not Summer eats without condiments.  Thank you Sir Kensington’s for making the season so delicious!
Photos: Sir Kensington's logo by Mister Krisp, Feedfeed NYC Community Members taking photos and enjoying the party!
Photos: Feedfeed NYC community members enjoying our outdoor patio at FeedfeedBrooklyn.

A big shout-out to Sixpoint Brewery for providing beer for our Summer Bash, and as always, a thank you to our studio sponsors, Room & Board, Bonterra Wines and Health-Ade, for making this an extra-special event.

Watch a recap of the event below!

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