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Burrata, Peach, Tomato, Basil & Prosciutto Salad

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NEW RECIPE | Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad on the blog with Maple Dijon Viniagrette???? (Who’s been enjoying this on the regular?! ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️..) I love a tasty salad that’s also hearty and filling! I’m also talking about a new study on cruciferous veggies on the blog.. (hint: these babes are really really good for ya) #linkinbio #freshplates
Happy Monday!! I had a restful weekend which was just what I needed and now ready to take on a full and productive week. I’m starting to reflect on my monthly intentions (see in my stories highlights) for this past month. I’ve increased my meditation greatly, although haven’t kept to it every day but have still seen wonderful results. I’m still working on getting out in nature more, especially during the week when I’m the busiest and therefore crave it the most! I find that setting goals monthly helps me to re-evaluate and get refocused instead of setting yearly goals and falling off the wagon in a month or two! • • I’ve been craving a crispy fried egg in the cast iron skillet on toasted sourdough on the regular. Here I’ve paired it with spinach (add it between the toast and the egg- it’s delicious and a great way to boost your greens daily) along with @kitehillfoods cheese, @clekraut beet and cabbage kraut (good dose of probiotics) and dill????#freshplates
Happy Sunday loves! If you're looking to cozy up with something delicious on this rainy Sunday while also boosting your immunity (flu season is so real), head to the blog and check out the "All time fresh faves" section or search "Golden Turmeric Milk"????????#freshplates
Nothing like a warm and comforting bowl of soup on a cold wintery day ❄️One of my resolutions this year is to use more recipes from cookbooks and this one from @inspiralized did not disappoint! Ginger and scallion egg drop soup with notes of tamari, acv and zoodles - delicious and filled with nutrients, fiber and protein👊🏼#freshplates
Hi guys, I hope you're enjoying your snow day for those in NY! Heres a new recipe for you to try this winter that hits all the cozy brunch feels - Rosemary & Kale Goat Cheese Frittata🌿Rosemary is my favorite winter herb! Stay safe and warm today! ❄️💨#freshplates
Getting cozy with all the comfort foods on this snowy afternoon, without the carb crash later??thanks to @eatbanza chickpea pasta loaded with fiber and protein. Sautéed onions and cherry tomatoes with @kerrygoldusa grass fed butter and toasted some GF breadcrumbs, capers and lemon juice. Added some arugula because #greens. 10 minute tasty and healthy meal??#freshplates
It's the most wonderful time of the year?sponsored by matcha ?Happy Sunday! #freshplates
NEW | The Fresh Favorite Green Smoothie is on the blog today?my go-to recipe for a delicious and nourishing breakfast or on the go snack. I share this recipe with many of my clients and wanted to share it with all of you, too! Happy Friday?#freshplates #linkinbio
Getting in the holiday spirit with my family and decorating the ?with some vegan hot chocolate ?made with almond milk, cacao powder, pure maple syrup and some melted 70% dark chocolate??No need for hot chocolate mixes loaded with fillers and preservatives when you can use simple and delicious ingredients at home! #freshplates