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Just another lazy, pancake flippin' morning. We recently developed an Icelandic pancake recipe for @icelandicprovisions and @thefeedfeed that we filled with delicious lingonberry skyr. If you've ever loaded up on Swedish meatballs from the Ikea's cafeteria (not that we ever have...) then you've probably heard of lingonberries, but skyr, on the other hand, is an Icelandic original. Not quite a yogurt and not quite cheese, this cultured dairy product tastes great on its own as well as spread across pancakes. The full recipe is up on the blog, link in profile. And if you're interested in getting the full Iceland experience, @Icelandicprovisions is giving away a free trip for two to Iceland. The giveaway ends Friday - check out our latest recipe post to find out how to enter! -@freshoffthegrid
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