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Freda Shafi
Melbourne, Victoria. Australia
The best way to experience the world is through food.Mum, Artist, Food enthusiast and blogger

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Baked Chicken Biryani
A beautifully baked chicken biryani. Nothing comes close to chicken biryani for me. I honestly could eat this a few times a week; so much so, that I found a brilliant cheats method that involves throwing all the ingredients into the oven from scratch and guess what? it's just as tasty as a conventional biriyani. It saves so much time which is the principle reason behind this recipe. The chicken marinade is what makes this work so well, rich spices mixed in yogurt and left to marinade until you're ready to cook this dish. See the story today to for a demo. The chicken is so tender and moist, the rice fuffy and spices balanced. Garnish with fried onions and pomegranate for a little piquant twist This is definitely my new go-to method to create this epic dish
South African Lamb And Apricot Sosaties
South African Lamb and apricot sosaties. This recipe inspiration came from the latest edition of @woolworths_au fresh food magazine which I picked up free in my local store - how cool! There are some wonderful recipes in there, I'm a bit hooked. So, going back to these kebabs, I've never made them before and I was totally intrigued to see how they tasted. I imagined an almost Moroccan tasting dish with the spices that were used in the lovely marinade. There was enough left over to create another dish, which I'll share with you later. I also used the wonderful and efficient baking trays to cook these, which were kindly sent to me by @lakelandaus . More details and a full demonstration are in my story right now. Hope you're all having a brilliant start to the week
Rosewater And Cardamom Shortbread Biscuits With Rose Petal And Pistachio
Seeing all the beautiful thanksgiving treats posted over the past few days has me feeling fuzzy! These are my fast becoming favourites - rosewater and cardamom shortbread biscuits, with rose petal and pistachio. I made a huge batch of these over the weekend and they really are a hit (if I do say so myself) After a filling birthday meal, when all you want to do is have a cuppa and dunk a bickie, this is just the ticket ... Hope you're week is off to a flying start!
Apple Fennel Salad
Throwback Thursday and thought of the day ... Evolution of the globe and more importantly humanity, requires some difficult processes, as we have just experienced. With that in mind, I'm sharing something purely uplifting today. So, to one of the most beautiful and simple plates I ever created. An apple fennel salad with the beautiful willowy dill feathers, making this whole plate look dreamy and ethereal. These are simple pleasures in life and without further ado, it's onwards and upwards !
Cardamom, Rosewater And Pistachio Shortbread
Cardamom, rosewater, pistachio shortbread biscuits. Can't think of a more heady fragrant combination whilst sipping tea in my garden on a warm Melbourne morning. I've been inspired by a a few versions of this biscuits, firstly @rainydaybites earlier this week, with the coffee infused version, as well as several beautiful recipes I've been collecting from various sources over the last few weeks. I'm experimenting with flavours hoping to create a big batch of these later this month for a special birthday party ?. The ones pictured here, I baked yesterday and they're adapted from a few different recipes. It had to be rich shortbread cookie for me, with a generous scoop of ground cardamom in the mix and sprinkling of rosewater. Finished off when baked with a thin layer of icing, chopped pistachio as well as dried edible Persian rose tea petals which give it a lovely middle eastern feel. Not only are they beautiful too look at, the flavours are well balanced. I do think however, I'll add more cardamom next time just for that extra punch. But for now, whilst I sit and enjoy the sunshine, every bite is ambrosia! Happy Friday to you all
Sweet Rice (zarda)
Sweet rice aka 'Zarda' for Sunday breakfast ... Made a big batch of this yesterday for an after dinner treat, not often we eat dessert, but I consider this an "anytime of day" little eat. It's even good for breakfast. It's a really easy dish to make! Just the way my mum used to make it... So vintage!! Serve hot or cold. Goes down so well with a cuppa Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend
Lemon Cardamom Poppy Seed Ginger Tart
The weekend beckons ... As does this gorgeous lemon tart with a poppy seed, ginger and cardamom pastry! This masterpiece was inspired by my good friend Jonathan Westwick @jonathanwestwick a genius in the kitchen and that's why he's head chef at The Boundary House. Pastry was never my strong point but I've been practicing to get this down to a fine art. Crumbly and almost shortbread- like this is how I like it. Poppy seeds give it a surprising texture and the ginger and cardamom work in tandem for a little complexity. All work together in harmony with the zingy lemon custard filling. I added my own little twist here and there and felt that the edible flowers make me feel so much more happy about it Spring in Melbourne. Hope you're all having a great "almost weekend" #lemon #dessert #sweet #pastry #foodiful
Spicy Kofta Masala
Sunday night calls for spicy kofta masala (saucy Indian meatballs) Prepared in a traditional Karachi style, this is how my mum taught me how to make it. Back in the day, before food processors she would pound the meat in an old steel pot to tenderise it. It then became my job to beat the meat for hours until she was happy that it was soft enough to form perfectly round meatballs! I remember it like yesterday .. I sautéed my own version as shown in a rich gravy sauce. I like to serve mine red hot with a side of rice. Yum ! Hope you're having a lovely relaxed weekend
Rhubarb Almond Bakewell Cake
Wishing all the beautiful mummies out there a very happy Mother's Day. I share my cake with each and every one of you. How blessed are we. This is a rhubarb- almond Bakewell cake - that's what became of that orange infused rhubarb in the previous post. I love Bakewell tart and because I love experimenting, I wondered how it would taste without the pastry base as well as taste with orange flavoured rhubarb in it I have seen the recipe for various rhubarb cakes online and this is a kind of hybrid of them. The cake was beautiful; even though the rhubarb came out of the oven a vibrant bright red, (previous post) and the taste of rhubarb came through strongly, it was barely visible in the final photos; only a smidging of red comes through. One of the key ingredients in Bakewell tart is almond in various forms - almond meal, flaked almonds and almond essence . Here, I made my own almond meal using sugared vanilla almonds and it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. This turned the cake a golden brown hue and made it rich and slightly chewy.
Sweet Yellow Rice Pudding (zarda)
Sweet yellow rice pudding aka "Zarda" Growing up, mum would make this sweetened rice dish for us on special occasions and festivals. It's a popular Indian dessert made in a variety of ways, there's no set rules as to the colour for a start. I like to keep mine simple using basmati rice that is coloured with a natural yellow food colouring whilst boiling it to give it the vibrant hue. Then add this cooked rice to a syrup made using ghee, sugar, cardamom and rosewater and let it infuse through the rice. Mix in a variety of nuts, (whatever takes your fancy), I love whole peeled almonds that have been soaking overnight, pistachio, and chopped macadamias. I also added some candied fruit, including apricots, dates, sultanas and goji berries. A little shaved or desiccated coconut gives it further texture. Back in the day, my mum used glacé cherries (how vintage!) . A great dessert, we love eating this with cream or ice cream for extra decadence. Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend ! #sweet #rice #indian