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From the table of one of our dearest friends @ashwithaview - happy to see these ones put to good use. Bowl Board in Sapele, and one of our very first boards in Spalted Maple.
Well-loved Walnut trays we made for @mompopshop last year. If you haven't already, check them out at @mosaicdistrict in VA! ?: @reallyfarrah
Play date, next-leveled. Thanks to the fantastic hostess @sarahculver for the homegrown and homemade delights. Hexagon Board in Cherry, hanging amidst the bounty.
Good times with the fine folks of @dolcezzagelato this morning testing out custom shapes and sizes for their new Mom + Pop location in Fairfax. They're the real deal. Happy to see @gordyspicklejar and @redapronbutcher up in the mix, too!
When your child is up at 5:30am, ready to play, you pull out the good stuff. Paromi Turmeric tea with lemon, my eyelids thank you. Great suggestion, @airschweers. Double Scoop in Walnut, now up in the shop.
Mint Mojito-makin' because it's mid-June in Maryland. Also, alliteration. Faceted muddler and stirring spoon in Walnut.
The farmer's market downtown was so on point today! Came back with bunches of locally-grown organic onion, garlic, mint, and cucumber for under $7.
Great post from @moarfit of her homemade granola in our Maple Spoon - which we affectionately refer to as "The Guppy Spoon" because of its fan-shaped handle. Casey dreamt this one up while carving a particularly narrow piece of Maple. It was so good to meet you this weekend, Amy!
Shapes on shapes. Our Hexagon Board in Cherry + my favorite kind of lunch. That beautiful bread Rosemary and Olive Focaccia from Bakers & Co. down the street!
A Friday off means lunch from scratch. Pepper, onion, and black bean quesadillas with freshly grated pepper jack. Topped with scallions, side of homemade chipotle mayo. Oh, aaand one of our newest boards in Curly Cherry ?