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Malai Mango Ice-cream by Live Noodles Ice-cream. I saw these guys at Lil Flea. They had this big roller of noodles over which they would loving ‘apply’ mango and malai. And then they keep massaging it till everything has sort of been absorbed by the noodles post which they grate the noodles on to a cup and hand it over to you. THIS is what it must feel like to be a kid again, isn’t it? To think about it, when does one stop being a kid though? At some point, you're no longer growing up, you're aging. But no one can pinpoint that moment exactly. Isn’t that the definition of life itself? We start waging a war within ourselves. the brain desiring things which the body does not want, and the body desiring things which the brain does not allow; the brain giving directions which the body will not follow, and the body giving impulses which the brain cannot understand. The animal tends to eat with it’s stomach, and the man with his brain. When the animal’s stomach is full, he stops eating, but the man is never sure when to stop. Which begs the question as to how did the phrase ‘Eats like an animal’ come to signify eating even after one’s stomach is full? But irrespective of the foibles of our language, I did eat like an animal. You combine mango and malai and you are seeking in such wonder not satiation of hunger but fulfilment. You are seeking ecstasy. Zauq te wajdan. If we are to have intense pleasures, we must also be liable to intense pains. The pleasure we love, and the pain we hate, but it seems impossible to have the former without the latter. Indeed, it looks as if the two ‘must’ in some way alternate, for continuous pleasure is a stimulus that must either pall or be increased. And the increase will either harden the sense buds with its friction, or turn into pain. A consistent diet of rich food either destroys the appetite or makes one sick. Lo and behold. A lot of wine later, guess what I did? Turned wine into barf. Your move, Jesus.