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Fried Mushroom And Tomato Pizza
Friyay's comfortfood ? a coconut oil panfried mushroom and tomato pizza ? + added a little parmesan, but just omit for vegan version, it's delicious as well !!! Happy weekend!!!
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Vegan ginger & raspberry scones!!! Soon you can come and taste em @ brunch in the upcoming FOOD SWINGS POP UP !!! ⭐️⭐️? . 1 april 2017 - CENTRUM NINOVE; Biezenstraat 34 ❤️ . HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE ?
Today's breakie ?? Supercreamy gooey oatmeal, soaked overnight, with fullfat almond mylk, cinnamon, pomegranate and grounded cardamom ⭐️
I'm trying to make the most of the cold, since it won't be for long anymore .. I really don't like warm weather, it freaks me out. I know it's weird, but somehow summer scares the hell outta me. Maybe I'll just ignore the heat and keep drinking chai spiced hot chocolate ⭐️ // I shot this for @lathee_be but made myself a vegan version using cashew milk;
Custom cake for a 30th birthday- Louis Vuitton style ⭐️ white chocolade & milk chocolate meringue cream, vanilla and chocolate checkerboard cake, meringues, cookie dough truffles and marzipan handbags ✨
Weeird nights, very disturbing dreams lately. + waking up alone cuz my boyfriend works early. The only thing to get me out of bed and in my routine is a big ass bowl of comfortfood- such assss BANANA CHOCOLATE & COYO SOFT SERVE ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Aaaand another bar experiment, needs some refining, but it's not bad, that's for sure ?
Holy shit, for real you guys. I made KILLER vegan bars; chocolate toffee peppermint bars, seriously.. I was weirded out by peppermint in dessert at first, but I totally got over it, it's really amazing ⭐️
Daily cravings ⭐️ PB&J slice with chocolate sprinkles cause it makes em fancy ?? Ps. Sometimes I sub PB for cookie spread (speculoos), works just as AMAZINNN ✨