?fitness isn't a punishment ?clean food doesn't have to be restrictive

Apple 'Nachos' with Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Coconut Milk Caramel, Granola and Coconut Chips

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#whatsonmyplate tuna with sweet potato ? never had this combination before but it is most def worth sharing.. The sun, the water and this lunch ? to die for
Toasts with arugola, figs and goat cheese... dreaming of these little snacks i made not so long ago. Currently in Portugal, enjoying my holiday.. Trying to eat clean, but more than that trying to not beat myself up when it doesn't happen. Balance = key! Have a lovely day xxx
Back home from France. Had a very intense but amazing time full of learning. And on top of that.. It wasn't even hard to eat clean! Now enjoying some healthy snacks (i am not eating the sausage) ? its Saturday after all!
I overslept this morning so instead of making avocado toast with boiled eggs I opted for this quick chia pudding topped with figs, cherries, berries and pistachios for breakfast! Have a lovely start of the week ?
When you expect it to be a rainy day and you end up eating your winter comfort food on the balcony #sunday #balconydinner #winterfoodinsummer #whatsonmyplate
Lying on the floor after a super intense workout and the only thing I want right now is a glass of water with this veggie bowl from @healthynatty ? have been following her for a while now and her food is amazing! Her account has both breakfast and dinner recipes which is an extreme plus because I find it way hard to find accounts that provide healthy dinner recipes. And not to mention that I seriously love het "healthy, not hard" approach to her recipes! Most of us are extremely busy and simply do not have the time to spend hours in the kitchen. Chck her out!! xx PS inspiring account with healthy dinner recipes are more than welcome too ⬇️
The last sunny day of August calls for mashed avocado toast with goat cheese and arugula ???
Soy yoghurt with coconut and fresh fruit as comfort food tonight... Me and my boyfriend live in different countries which of course always is hard, but sometimes it just breaks you.. One day ❤️
Pasta with avocado, garlic, olive oil, lime and fresh cilantro from my all time favorite foodblog @iamafoodblog ~~ Instead of boiled eggs on avocado toast for breakfast this morning I decided to make this avocado pasta with fried egg instead. I love trying new things but I must admit that nothing beats my egg breakfast ? #tryingnewthings #spiceitup
Last night's dinner with work. Managed to squeeze in my abs&arm workout during lunch so I could stay at work late and have dinner with my colleagues. ? today it is my little brother's bday so no resistance sesh for me, but I am thinking about doing a quick HIIT during lunch again! #organic #onmytable #thechalkboardeats