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How to Peel Ginger

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Hi 👋🏻! The recipe for these mussels, from the @lecreuset cookbook, is now up on the blog! The link is in my bio. I truly cannot CAAAAANNOT recommend this book enough. And that is why I am excited to share a copy of the book with the winner of my giveaway—drum roll please—@brandicewd!! 🎉Congratulations! . . . @thefeedfeed #thecookfeed @foodblogfeed #feedfeed #imsomartha #lecreuset #lecreusetlove #cookbook #mussels #french #frenchcooking #ontheblog
As you know, one of my favorite types of cuisines to make is French. With @lecreuset’s new cookbook, it’s made so much easier. Thoughtful recipes, beautiful photography, and delicious food all rolled into one book. I’m pleased to be giving away a copy to one lucky winner! To participate, all you have to do is fill out the survey on my Story! Winner will be announced Wednesday (open to US residents only!!). Check the link in the bio to learn more about Le Creuset and their cookbook ❤️ #lecreusetlove
Day two of the @lecreuset cookbook giveaway is now up! All you have to do is answer the question on my Story’s poll. Winner will be announced tomorrow, along with the mussel recipe, on the blog! . . . @thefeedfeed #thecookfeed @foodblogfeed #feedfeed #imsomartha #mussels #frenchfood #lecreusetlove #giveaway #cookbook
Anyone else FEELING this cobbler today? . . . @thefeedfeed #thebakefeed @foodblogfeed @thefeedfeed.baking #feedfeed #imsomartha #cobbler #peach #almond #summerfruit #stonefruit #tbt
Funfetti Snowflake Cake
Some of my fav adjectives for food: easy, nostalgic, impressive, tasty. This funfetti gateau breton, made in the @nordicwareusa Snowflake Shortbread Pan, is all of the above!
Cornmeal And Cherry Shortbread
Hiii I love holidays and baking. I used to not so much when I was in CA bc it was so lonely and boring! But I'm participating in #holidaycookieparty2016 that was coordinated by my BEST GAL PAL @displacedhousewife and here's a sneak peek!
Pumpkin Tahini Muffins
My mind has been on this new baby for days now! Work is slow and I'm at the hospital all the time with my sister! Good thing that I have a couple of these pumpkin tahini muffins left over from Sunday for when I'm too lazy to make breakfast.