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Amanda Wilens
St. Louis, MO
Food maker and photographer. Founder of Feed Me with Amanda. Loves all sweets.

Creamy Tomato Soup with Pesto Pinwheels

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Strawberry Rhubarb Galette
New recipe up on the blog! All about that strawberry rhubarb galette! If you haven't had rhubarb this is the best way to try it. And they had some at the @tgfarmersmarket last weekend so go and get it! Not so little known fact...spending the morning at the farmers market (or even the grocery store) is the way to my heart! #jkinstachallenge
Pineapple Kale & Mint Green Smoothie
Working on getting this smoothie recipe to ya by the end of the week. Made this delicious vegan green goodness in my new @ninjakitchen and I'm obsessed.
Strawberry Chocolate Matzo Toffee
So happy with this matzo toffee and hope that plenty of you can use this recipe with your extra matzo too! Anyone else still drowning in matzo ball soup?
Classic Buttermilk Biscuits
And it's finally up! The recipe for these buttermilk biscuits is now up on the blog, as is the link to @wileyconcepts website so you can buy this gorgeous board ?The link is in my bio.
Mini Rose Bundt Cakes With Pink Ombré Frosting
Valentine's Day honestly isn't one of my favorite holidays... I mean heck yes to treats and love, but like why did I still have to go to work today?!?
Chocolate Waffles
Happy Galentine's Day ladies! I'm so lucky to have built beautiful relationships with so many amazing women in my life. I love you all and am so thankful for your friendship ? also here are some chocolate waffles for our leader, Leslie Knope!
Sage & Garlic White Bean Soup
I did it! It finally happened. The white bean soup recipes are up on the blog. This is my vegan sage & garlic white bean soup. Go check em out.
Peppermint Chocolate Rugelach
Now that it's past thanksgiving and the magazine is out... You're about to see a lot of these pics on my feed. Here's my peppermint chocolate rugelach.
Funfetti Semifreddo
I love to celebrate other people's birthdays...I'm the person to plan surprises and bake a cake. But my birthdays are usually weird and something crazy happens. So I'm taking things slow and this year I decided to force @mathewsweet to come hang out and create this gorgeous funfetti semifreddo.
It happened. You're welcome! The recipe is up on the site for this spicy turkey burger. And if you haven't already, go vote for it through the link on @thefeedfeed's page!