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Neapolitan Nice Cream Cake

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Banana-free Smoothie Cubes
The secret to super creamy smoothies without banana...SMOOTHIE CUBES! in partnership with @vitamix and @thefeedfeed I created these goodstuff-packed cubes that possess the power to bring to you the best banana-free smoothie of your life along with luscious smoothie texture, they’ll hook you up with veggies, protein, fats, and many many more optional add-in ideas perfectly prep ahead-able too!
Soft Baked Ginger Molasses Cookies
Tender, chewy, richly spiced, and comin in hot the day before December a.k.a. cookie craziness officially begins made with coconut flour, applesauce, almond butter, and a hint of lemon (this is KEY. do not skip it) plus an oat flour option included too. i may or may not have made them jumbo sized—hello all the bakery feels but at home. only half a dozen out of one batch, but zero regrets recipe barely made it to the blog today, but it’s there and waiting for ya
Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes With Coconut Butter Frosting
Plot twist! That plate of muffins I teased yesterday are actually cupcakes. Or they could be muffins if you skip the frosting. Or frosted muffins. DELICIOUS.
Chocolate Date Monkey Bread
Monkey bread and brownie collide in this deliciously lumpy loaf that gets all it's sticky sweetness from @ndmedjooldates and it's finger-licking fudgy-ness from lots o' chocolate. If you've never had monkey bread lemme break it down real quick: soft fluffy balls of (grainfree!) dough coated in fudgy chocolate goo sprinkled with chocolate chips and baked into one big pan of pure decadence! Fudgy yet somehow fluffy all at once. And if you want to swing from tree branches while you eat it I'm cool with that too.
Maple Purple Sweet Potato Nice Cream
PURPLE SWEET POTATO ICE CREAM // Taking a little break from my current muffin photo shoot (#solareclipse does not = good photo lighting) to tell you about this creamy almond milk ice cream because it's easy and healthy and no-churn and all that good stuff, but most importantly it's dazzlingly dessert delicious in my favorite shade that food can be. I just couldn't let ice cream season end without adding this frozen purple perfection to the list! Plus it's a lovely low-fat option that doesn't require bananas or coconut or an ice cream machine thanks to a sneaky double-blending trick
No Churn Peanut Butter Chocolate Cluster Ice Cream
Vegan No-Churn Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Cluster Ice Cream. This sweet, salty, scoop-able stuff is pure peanut perfection with TONS of chocolate cereal clusters (my favorite part) And made with fewer ingredients than there are words in that name, so I promise it's much simpler than it sounds. No banana, no coconut, no ice cream machine required!
Smoothie Bowls Three Ways - Blueberry, Raspberry And Pineapple
You know what makes this recipe 10 times less pretty but 10 times more yummy? Blending cacao powder in with all the other banana-free bowl goodness! Yep, that happened yesterday and I'll probably never make it without again...bye pretty purple color, I'll miss you