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The below meals and desserts were made by you, the Grow NYC community! Thanks for sharing what you make from the bounty of the market with us.

Check back often to find cooking inspiration and recipes from others that shop at the Greenmarkets!

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  • How to Make a Pesto

Snacking on some Parmesan crusted zucchini fries because my fridge is seemingly overflowing with zuccs this summer 🥒🥒 give these a try if you're looking for a healthier snack! They're so good!! 🙌🏻🍟 also, I'm planning a family trip to Cabo! I'd love some recs for kid-friendly places if you babes have any!! 😘😘
Tuscan Summer Panzanella
Panzanella. A Tuscan style salad made with juicy tomatoes, toasted bread, sliced cucumbers, onions, mozzarella, basil, capers & a light vinaigrette. This fresh & fragrant combination is simply summer in a bowl!
Purple Cauliflower Pizza
Purple cauliflower crust vegan pizza (gf, oil free, vegan)here's the story, before I was vegan I used to love cauli crust pizzas, and I've tried and tried to make vegan versions because many recipes use eggs. I currently have a ton of cauliflower in the house so I've been making this crust and testing and I finally got it & in purple! It actually happened by accident because I left out a lot of ingredients and then it was too late by the time I realized.
Sungold Tomato, Cucumber And Peach Salad
Happy F r i d a y ! Meet the sweet, savory, juicy & super refreshing salad that's going to be on repeat around here all weekend long!
Peach Pie With Rye Whiskey
I'm participating in a peach inspired food blogger collaboration and we will be filling your feeds (and your pie shells) with peachy keen recipes all day tomorrow, June 29th! Follow the hashtag #summerlovespeaches for all kinds of juicy peach recipes, including my new recipe for Rye Rye Peach Pie posting on . . . #peaches #peachpie #ryeryepeachpie #millionsofpeaches