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Fariba Farniam
San Francisco, California
Fariba's Kitchen is about nurturing our bodies, planet, and people through plant-based food.

The Feedfeed Goes to Italy to Dine With Rana

in partnership with Giovanni Rana
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#egg #pizza for #breakfast ? 3 eggs, #asparagus #bellpepper #greenonions #butter and salt and pepper. #f52grams #feedfeed #eatclean #commontable #lifeandthyme #onmytable #tastemade #forkyeah dailycortado
Eggplant and mint rolls with roasted walnuts, sautéed onions and garlic and whey - revamping old recipes☺️ #vegetarian
Nothing beats homemade granola! inspired by @heidijswanson book: Super Natural Cooking - Main ingredients are Oates, coconut oil and shreds, orange zest, various seeds and nuts and honey - I make this all year around mixing up seeds or dried fruits for seasonal variety - a never failing favorite in our house - add a cup of this granola to a cup of yogurt and you've got over 39 grams of protein. Thank you, Heidi??????? #vegetarian #granola
Wild rice salad with red cabbage, red onions, asparagus and pistachios- just add fresh lemon juice and olive oil and you are left with a wholesome salad that looks beautiful too! #wildrice #salad #feedfeed.vegan
Roasted oranges with coconut sugar and pistachios - have it with some yogurt for a snack or desert; leftovers are even yummier the next day!
Protein toast: whole wheat toast, Greek yogurt, goji berries, roasted almonds & pistachios, tangerine and chunks of 80% dark chocolate- this should keep you smiling for at least a week??
Vegetable broth in making ... #vegan #greenlifestyle #bestoftheday #soup #feedfeed.vegan
Vegan Garbanzo Soup
Vegan garbanzo soup You will need: 1 med onion - chopped 2 stalks of celery, chopped 2 med Yukon potatoes, chopped 2 cloves of garlic, chopped 1 c garbanzo beans (soaked the night before) 1/2 c leftover brown rice (spread on a cookie sheet the night before to dry) 1 large bunch of cilantro, chopped 1 tsp turmeric 6 c veggie stock or water 1/3 c olive oil or more as needed Lime Salt and pepper to taste Instructions In a pot, sauté garbanzo beans, onions, garlic, celery with turmeric and a pinch of salt and pepper in 1/4 c olive oil for 5 min Add broth or water and simmer for 45 min or until beans are cooked - Add half of the solids to a food processor and purée for 30 sec Add purée back to the pot, add potatoes and cilantro and simmer for another 25 min Heat 2-3 tbs of oil in a sauté pan for 30 sec and add dried rice - they should pop quickly Add some popped rice to arugula or spinach. Mix with fresh lime juice and some olive oil and set aside Serve soup with fresh greens on top and enjoy a hearty meal! #soup #feeffeed.vegan
Pasta in veggie bowls - sautéed baby mustard greens, carrots, onions, garlic; added cooked amaranth seeds for added protein; simmered all in veggie broth for 20 min and discovered a totally new way to make pasta? #vegan #buddhabowl #instayum
Time for some soup: white beans, potatoes, celery and cilantro soup made with homemade vegetable broth and tons of curry, crushed red pepper and onions- delicious. #vegan #plantbased #soup #feedfeed.vegan