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This fall day is perfect for potato leek soup! ? This is by far my favorite recipe since you don't have to make a fattening roux (I let the starch of the potatoes be my thickener) ? Grab the #recipe #ontheblog ? Link in bio ? #soup #fall #potato #vegetables #vegetable #hearty #chowder #gezellig
So I've been a little MIA for the past three days but hey, I've got 1 smash cake, 1 birthday cake, 15 cake pops, and 20 cupcakes to show for it (not to mention a happy little birthday boy!) Tomorrow, back to the daily grind but until then ? ? (Side note: Can you see where he stuck his little toes in the side of the cake? ? ?) ? = @sarahgaz85 (thank you for the photos!!) #birthday #birthdays #birthdayboy #baby #cute #birthdayparty #birthdayfun #smashcake #cake #cupcake #cupcakes #cakepops
One of my favorite ways to prepare a whole chicken is in a cast iron skillet, nestled on a bed of veggies, and stuffed full of herbs….oh and BUTTER. Lots and lots of butter. ? No one likes a dry bird so I grab my ThermoPop instant read thermometer which reads the temp in as little as 3 seconds! (Pretty amazing, right!?) ? Did you know it's also rated numero uno by America's Test Kitchen? Yup. ? Grab the recipe ? #ontheblog (clickable link in bio) #thermoworks #ad
Gorgeous dried beans from Bob's Red Mill that are about to hit the stove to simmer all day while I pot up some succulents ? (never thought I'd describe beans that way?but it's totally fitting! ?). Found some amazing smoked pork bones at Lowe's Foods so I just couldn't resist making a big pot of 16-Bean Soup ? (and you KNOW there will be cornbread, made with Bob's Red Mill, of course ?) Oh, and that adorable tiny colander came from Marshalls...or was it TJ Maxx ?IDK...either way, it's super cute! #maxxlife #soup #faithfoodfamilyfun
This is by FAR the best roast chicken I've ever made! ? This beautiful bird came from a local farm and is delivered fresh to our butcher. ? It's roasted on a bed of rainbow carrots, onions, and celery with a few of each tucked inside along with my favorite garden herbs ? (and of course, plenty of butter) ? I'll post I'll the recipe later this week! ? #chicken #organic #faithfoodfamilyfun
Pouring myself a huge glass of @welchs 100% Grape Juice ? as I wait for my roast chicken to come out of the oven! ? ? Thinkin' of serving it with mashed potatoes and some green beans that I canned up from the garden (Oh and cornbread, of course) ? What do y'all have planned for dinner tonight? ? #welchs #iheartpurple ? #americanheartmonth #ad PS - I also have a money saving coupon for ya ? Simply head to? to save $.75 on your next purchase of Welch's 100% grape juice ?
Can you believe this Brownie Batter Bark only has 4 ingredients? (It's seriously easier than buying a box of chocolates!) ? All you need are ? egg whites, coconut oil, water, and a box of @missjonesbakes Organic Brownie Mix! ? (Oh, and sprinkles...but they don't count since they're a MUST) ? What are you waiting for, get in the kitchen and whip up something sweet this Valentine's day! ? PS - you can find this and many more recipes at ? #betterwithmissjones #sp
One of my favorite ways to start the day! This wild blueberry smoothie bowl is made with homemade coconut milk and is topped with cacao nibs, pom & chia seeds, bee pollen, hemp hearts, banana, and kiwi! @foodess #foodess #vitamix
Pan Seared Salmon with Sage Brown Butter Sauce & Herb Beet Purée / Fried sage and potato sticks for garnish / And a grilled little lemon wedge (Link, recipe and tutorial in bio) #mysignaturedish #ad