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I'm really into fitness and donuts.🍦💪🍩😻 📍Mpls, MN

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Is it just me or is this a long, hard ass week so far? @smallcakesmn always says maybe a cupcake will help and I'm feeling that vibe. #nationalpeanutbutterday
My favorite donut is that peanut butter and jelly one. Top left. It's a big commitment to say something's your favorite but I'm doing it. @mojomonkeydonuts #🍩
I don't work today and my original plan included being ambitious and getting to a morning yoga class but my driveway is full of snow and I'm not ready to start shoveling. So instead the plan is hibernation and sprinkle cookies. Maybe I'll make it this afternoon and maybe I'll start with some fasted sprints on my treadmill downstairs but WE'LL SEE I think shoveling might be enough cardio.
Remember my New Year's resolution to get a fancy cake every month? So here's the cake of the month for January ! Because the day you realize you don't need a special occasion for a fancy cake is the day your real life begins. ❤ This is a s'mores cake: chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream, graham cracker crumbs and frosted with homemade marshmallow frosting and homemade cinnamon coffee mallows on top! Thank you @amyscupcakeshoppe for making this beautiful cake for me #? #treatyoself
Pretty sure I found the meaning of life today. ? #straighttothebooty #gainz #bodybycarbs @somethingsweetcakes
The world would be a much better place if every day included glittery cherry champagne unicorn macarons #???? #worldpeace @amyscupcakeshoppe
Happy Friday everyone. I haven't had a single donut this year and it hurts my soul a little bit. ?? @angelfoodmn
I dare you to find a more beautiful eggs benedict. (Plus it's delicious) @tongueincheekmn
PEANUT BUTTER CARAMEL CHOCOLATE CHIP BROWNIES ? I want to start doing more baking again. It's relaxing to me and the end result is freaking delicious. My kiddo told me yesterday that these were the best thing I've made. I had FOUR yesterday so obviously I agree.
Ok so @eatstsocial is always stellar but these scallops were unbelievably next level. My child even loved the broccolini. I'm not the kind of person who usually says things like "dreaming about these scallops" but really I might dream about these scallops 😂